Ariana Grande - Positions

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This album brings such an awesome infusion with pop choruses and rnb verses. Some cute pop tracks like six thirty and soultry songs like off the table featuring the weeknd. Rnb masterpieces like west side and safety net. Some house music like motive and funky music like my hair and love language. This album honestly had some good influences in it and the album was definitely something new and fresh!



brookie mookie cookie

I love this album yes I still think yours truly is still the best but I love this I’m literally blasting it in my room idk why so much people hate it💫


This album is truly amazing I was looking at the reviews and saw what people had said, you could tell that she had put a lot into this album she has been through a lot these past few years and this album reflects on everything. Ariana’s new album shows how she’s feeling about everything she put something out that was different and I love that she did because it truly makes me love her even more!❤️❤️


The songs are catchy, but to inappropriate. I think the song writing lacks effort and turns to vulgarity. I respect her vocal abilities though, not many artists can do what she does with her voice.


Every song sounds the same and nothing really stood out to me. Her previous albums are better.

# biggest meghan fan ever

I think that every song sounded the same. She also had no sparkle in my opinion on this album.


my new favorite album! the only reason people aren’t liking it is because it’s not her old pop. she’s growing up and doing what she wants finally & i love it !


The vocals are so raw, and you’ve clearly taken your time on making this album a masterpiece. The moment I played the first song on the YouTube premier, I was BLOWN AWAY. It immediately sent me to this dreamy, heavenly, perfect world of nothing but your vocals and the sweet instrumentals. I was the most relaxed I’ve been in months. Positions really is just like magic! Ari, you’ve outdone yourself once again and I can’t wait to vibe to this album for years now. I love you! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


this is a more mature album and it slaps. If you are upset with this album well get used to it


Ariii!! You are so talented, use that to make better music. All the songs are the same. We all know you can do better!! Try again luv❤️


i like this new album i got a few songs already you can't please everybody gurl keep doing you and making yo coins


Look, don’t get me wrong, ari is rlly good and she inspires me sometimes. but this album and the ongoing trend of some of the songs (iykyk) is not rlly cutting it for me. i get she wants to try to be like all the other artists nowadays too where all they write ab is, um, ~that~ but honestly, does the whole dang album have to be about it? the song that i loved was “pov”, it stood out to me the most. unlike all the other songs, this song in particular is beautiful. the message, melody, vocals, every was ~chefs kiss~. i didn’t like how none of the song expanded her vocals because she has a very high vocal range of 4 octaves! that’s pretty rare to have and i hate that she isn’t using it to her advantage and using it more. i loved the dangerous woman era where she let it stand out. i hope next album, we get more songs like “pov” and not the crap message songs like “34+35” and “positions”. you have young fans, what are you teaching them? to be a housewife, slave to men, and mess around all the time? what ab the pure, clean, non cuss music from before? looking forward to next album but this one isn’t rlly it.

Helo wjth this App

it’s so good! it’s definitely a different version of ari. it’s like a mix of dangerous woman and tun? idk but it’s really good ! she never fails to please me. one of the reasons why i love her out of a million 🥺 so many good songs, tbh it’s hard to pick haha. really saved 2020 !! 🤍🤍

kth's lesbian bff✨

Really generic, even though I like her voice.


What is this. We want Dangerous Woman Ari back


Tbh, not the biggest AG fan (not a diss to her, just not the kind of music I usually like) but this song is cool. I really enjoy it.

Haitam grande

Her best album! well done


Vocal tone and layering are pleasant to my ears. Cover artwork is memorable. The combination artwork and sounds interesting. Buying album.


Love the album but wish there was more clean versions to some of the songs


Her music is starting to get very predictable


I was expecting so much more from Ariana Grande and this album completely let me down.


literally an AMAZING ALBUM all the songs are a bop!!!



twisting trees

All around fantastic album, it really left me thinking.


She’s so overrated now and always tries to rush out her music to stay on top of the charts. Her old music was way better and actually had bops this album ain’t it...


Love the album!!


This is her worst album. We get it you like sex. At this point in her career you’d think she could offer a little more artistry. Wasted vocal talent😔


The songs give me such a good mood

Cameo KS

This is one of her more cohesive albums since Dangerous Woman, but it is by no means her best effort. However, don’t let that distract you from the fact it is still a fabulous album with a lot of potential for radio songs and incredible music videos. Excited for where this era leads to.


Ariana doesn’t have artistic growth.. She keeps making the same music


I LOVE THIS ALBUM ❤️. I wasn’t really a fan of Ariana before but now I am. Love you ari 💕 ❤️ 💗

haya jb

I love ari but the album is horrible, her voice and the way that she sings is annoying, the problem with this album is that it came after “ thank u next “ and sweetner , I hope she will stop with the sexual songs ....


love it


Political garbage! Every song is monotone!


Amazing screw the haters


I love Ariana, but, this album was not really my favorite. All of her music if just the same, nothing new. I give her credit for doing a rap song but honestly I think she should stick to her genre... I am so disappointed in this album. There were only a few songs I liked! Positions was overall my favorite. What even is 34+35? I want to be back in the sweetener era! Overall if you like Ariana Grande, personally this album was not very good. Also most of these songs are really inappropriate... Just a warning if you have kiddos this album, isn’t the most appropriate.

RT review

I see nothing but one star reviews, yet this album is still showing as four stars? If the entire industry didn't prop this girl up she'd have no career.


Love it, I miss her soft ballads, it like the new sound. It’s really fun, but I do want a mix. Ari, if you read this can we get a soulful album, just acoustics. All you, and your range?!? ♥️ Gave it a 4 at first, but I listened to it again... and I love it. Still want a soulful album, I just love her voice lol.


She’s not good at writing anymore. The only good ones are Shut up and Just like magic. The rest is trashy.


Straight garbage


deserves album of the year


in love


This album is fun and up beat! Love it💕


I actually love this sound and her use of RnB and string instruments, but this whole album is lacking for me. Not only are most of the songs super short, but they sound like plain album fillers. About 5 of the songs are actually good in my opinion. Shut Up is just... awkward to listen to, it doesn’t flow very well. Idk what 34+35 even is, but just... no. Motive is pretty boring. Six Thirty, Obvious and West Side are forgettable. And Love Language I actually liked in the beginning but it got old pretty fast. Overall, I don’t think it’s her best and it feels like she took scraps and threw them into one album.


All songs sound almost the same.

somewhat mariah fan

Ah it’s all right.. yeah not at all (boring), this album is really awful (even with featured artists)


Talk about tone deaf. Ditzy lyrics that make women sound like objects, all whilst people are out here losing their family members, jobs and more. It just shows how easily rich ppl shut that sh** out. Must be nice. Also the overdone sexual lyrics are a clear stab at Pete who has moved on with his life. Get on with yours girl. What an embarrassment 😬


Not only is Ariana grande some overrated GARBAGE, her fanbase is toxic at best. Leaving 1 star reviews on other music just to say “buy positions””Ariana grande is better”. Get outta here. I wish Ariana would pack it up and leave, this is horrible, and that’s coming from someone who loves hip-hop inspired songs like this.


Honestly one of her best albums imo a lot more mature too

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