Alec Benjamin - These Two Windows

℗ 2020

These Two Windows Tracklist:


Beautifully poetic lyrics and catchy sound. The songs pull you in and make you want to listen without distractions so you can immerse yourself in each song story. An immensely talented artist. Someone loved equally by me and my kids (who 1st brought him to my attention)


My new favorite album. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love all the songs. They're meaningful. I can't believe how fast I fell in love with this new album.


This is the best thing I have ever heard love it❤️👍


Alec Benjamin has been one of my favorite singers, actually no he IS my fav singer, since I found him on yt and i was so excited when this album came out. I'm really proud of him, he writes songs, but not just any type of songs, he writes songs that tell stories, whether it be about his past experiences or random scenarios that he came up with (or a mix of both, you never know). Some describe feelings, to show people that they're not alone, and i really think he should be recognized (not just for Let Me Down Slowly) more, so when you have the time, please listen to him, even if it's just one song (I'd recommend Paper Crown). ik i use parentheses a lot, so i apologize for that TwT


I absolute love his songs I’m not a cynic Jesus’s in la and must have been the wind are I’m definit favorites I just love them so much listen to the every day

rye loves alec

i’ve loved alec for a while and this album makes me so happy during this dark time. if alec sees this, thank you. can’t wait for your tour dates to be updated to see you live!!❤️❤️






This album was absolutely amazing. The songs were so inspiring and relatable. Alec did an amazing job putting this album together. I could really personally connect with it. I LOVED IT🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💞


Love Alec


Unlike today’s music, Alec uses emotion and passion while singing. I ❤️ his music, and I am obsessed with his songs. I’m totally purchasing this album.


this album makes me wanna just chill out. it’s like narrated for you pt 2 and i love the vibe of alec’s discography.


I never listen to music before bed but last week u use these songs before praying and then sleep i recommend


This album came out on my bday idk any songs yet but wow


Those songs that give you goosebumps and speak to your heart & soul. That’s the whole album 🖤🤍 each song weaves a story of emotions that your body can feel on another level and knows how true each verse is.


Alec never fails to amaze all of us, his songs are amazing and there’s never one that terrible, there all fantastic. Wish to hear more from you soon! -Spade 🌼


I've been following Alec since 2017, and he's come such a long way. Every single song on this album has impeccable lyrics, vocals, and production while also hitting close to your heart. It's an emotional masterpiece.


So for Jesus in La We thought of doing a duet for the song Jesus In LA wish me luck Alec Benjamin I’m gonna be like you someday because your inspiring these people and breakthrough some dark emotions or learn a valuable lesson oh and happy early birthday it’s coming up It’s on May 28 :3 and also lots of love I’m ur biggest fan like I can show you how and prove it but if you think no you’ll know how you can’t top me as the biggest fan I’m not trying to be bragging but I mean that maybe I’m the biggest fan of him it’s just a lil friendly competition of who he chooses as his favorite fan well you want to prove your the biggest fan then you gotta up your love for him hint:Buy stuff that has him on it like a backpack :3 goodluck guys! Guys okay never mind about the competition Alec Benjamin should join One Direction guys if anyone here is reading this right now and knows One direction and everything else tell the people Shawn Mendes shouldn’t join One direction say Alec Benjamin pweaseee so you guys would make a good element in the band :3 okay I may seem crazy but it’s my opinion and thought okay 👌 Still R.I.P one direction……… I support them so much (fully) 💯💯💯 Another thing Now One direction sunk my heart for a reason so yeah I may as well just Idk watch some yt and play some Roblox too xD soo… guys I don’t hate One direction I still love em 💝 But I think we should help One direction back on their knees because people are shocked now and in their 2013 movie they said they just want to be remembered and not forgotten and they also said some bands just come and go but this is not the time and point they should go now what I mean is there is still enough time to not bring it to the point they go though and they may be almost to the end but it’s not the end for them yet because we all know they still have that gift in them which is there talented voice and musical soul they still have they may have the talents in them again for the solo career but we still all see they’ve got the best in them to still build the bridge and go perform together as a band again :3 so yeah that’s what I think bye and stay safe from the Coronavirus!!!Guys It’s his birthday woohoo! Happy Birthday! Alec Benjamin I wish you more success as you produce more music in your life okay remember your fans are here to support you!


This album is absolutely wonderful. It covers a lot of topics and goes perfectly with Alecs ability to tell stories through his songs.💛


Songs about mental health issues, friends, past partners, and family. Alec shoes a unique vulnerability and combines it with a spectacularly special voice. The lyrics are very well written and really resonate with listeners. I’ve never had an album that I could relate to more than this. Alec sings about things that are still taboo today, such as mental health, disappointing realizations, & domestic abuse. Very well done, Alec. Keep it up.


Literally could not be more perfect :)

Kelsie banz

alec has never failed to surprise us. this album is a whole new experience. he’s amazing. i love how dedicated he was to this album. he worked so hard on this and it was so worth it.

Queen been pizza pie

such beautiful songs. alec is my favorite and this album is incredible.

Freaken hell

Alec seriously never disappoints with his music. Every song is so good and has a meaning. This album is going to be on repeat for a very long time😁


Perfect like the rest


bro??? this is amazing!! the lyrics and the story telling!! amazing.


I am absolutely obsessed with this album!


I have enjoyed his music and I have all of this songs (that you can download) because he has a bunch that are really good you can’t listen to other than YouTube. Let us talk about this album. Alec Benjamin is one of those writers that is a story teller. I heard all of the songs other than four of them before the album came out today. I love all of the songs. I jam out to all of them, and they all are really good songs! Out of the four that I listened to I liked just like you, match in the rain, Alamo, then I’m not a cynic. I can’t explain to you how long I have waited for this. I was wondering when we were going to get another album after narrated for you. Alec never disappoints, this is worth listening to. 10/10 I think you guys will like it too




Dropped on my bday 😭


Already have listened to all of the songs on the album and I have to say, all of them are REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Love all of them, would definitely listen to this entire album if I was bored and wanted to listen to some music. Love your work Alec! ❤️


I really enjoy Alec’s music, nice job

rainbowunicorn cat

Made me me cry and vertime🥺🥺🥺


Great album!

- a j -

I am so excited for his album to come out!!! His music is the best and you should preorder now!

All of these songs are great! I love them, I cannot wait for the others to be released May 29th, it would have been cooler if they were released a day before, on Alec’s birthday, but that is okay!


I need all of them to listen on repeat 🥺💕


He’s just a fantastic musician


He is so great! Why isn’t he like the most famous singer???? So underrated. Love your voice!

Nadia Reads



You have the best voice and music! I hate how ur so underrated... incredible album


Okay i absolutely love the songs on the album, but he already released five( actually six if you include must have been the wind) out of TEN songs! We already know half the album, and we have to wait longer for four songs? i’m really expecting him to add more songs since we know so much because honestly it’s just an EP we are getting in the long run. it’s not even an album, it’s shorter than average.

🐯 Tigerboy 🐯

I love him. He is the best singer ever!


This is going to be one of those albums.... where every song is good


good album

Justin A Morris

Absolutely beautiful so excited for this masterpiece.

aliya leech

NEVER disappointed with his music !! amazing words and voice !!! i’m so excited for the release of the album !! 💕