penis joke gifts

Every time my kids swore universal studios harry potter gift shop I used to give a reet good kicking' 'And that worked?
Later, she asks another bloke how old he thinks she is and again he says '18' to which she replies 'nope, 31'.
A guy spots a sign in a drug store window which reads "Condoms Hand-Fitted".The funeral director suggests a grand burial, but the how to apply for a free student discount card man refuses this as he said he could imagine all the worms and maggots eating the corpse.Nothing worth shitting.A bit later some more fell down, he ate them as well.Go to the blackboard, and if you can write 'sand' correctly, I'll give you a fresh-baked cookie." She does and gets a cookie.He warns the bloke that the pills are very strong, but the bloke insists on buying three bottles of the stuff.When he gets to the front, the devil says to him, "Cheer up, mate.Finally the evening comes and Little Johnny and his mum go off to the big top.But i'd have to be a right daft twat to ask for cornflakes wouldn't I?' Bloke goes to see a jewish doctor for a check-up.There's this eskimo crossing the arctic circle when suddenly, his jet ski breaks down.
What's the difference between a pint and Jill Dando?
Yes, I do says the woman, "but my dog doesn't." Q: What's the difference between.
The guy gives in and the go to a room nearby.
The doctor thought for a moment and said "OK, what I'm gonna do is rub some honey over the top of my penis and insert it into your wife's vagina.He asks her what is wrong, and she says "Look at me, I'm 18 years old, I've no arms or legs, and I've never been kissed by a man".Q: What's the difference between a penis and a bonus?Peter must decide which of them gets.She just pops out for a second and comes back in to find him already jerking himself off.Cinderella glared up at her, and replyed.