Now repeat these moves to connect Piece 3 to 2: Then repeat to join 3 to 1: And here is your completed origami triangular box!
Make a valley fold along the line shown, then unfold.
Then fold the top edge again to the centerline: Make a mountain fold along the line shown, then unfold.Make a valley fold along the centerline as shown, then unfold.Please share, like and subscribe.Here is a tutorial for easy pyramid gift box; simple to make for last minute gift and different from the usual gift boxes.Fold Point D down as shown, then make a valley fold to form the bottom edge of the box.No need to print any template!The first four (4) steps are the same, but when folding the top edge down to the pre-creased centerline, posterpresentations discount code holly hill florist gift shop sc fold it just a small distance past, about 1 to.Then the loose flap of Piece 1 gets tucked into Piece.Step 6: Score and Crease Along the Lines.
Step 1: Draw 9 Squares (7 Cm Each Square) 21 cm x 21 cm cardstock paper.
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Now make two (2) more pieces just like the first one.It is awesome, isn't it?DIY Pyramid Gift Box What could be more delightful than receiving a gift in a handmade paper box?A triangular cover can also be made for the box, we'll show you how.ALL videos here m/user/fixitsamo/videos, follow US: instagram m/user/fixitsamo/videos, facebook m/user/fixitsamo/videos, pinterest m/user/fixitsamo/videos, t m/user/fixitsamo/videos, google m/fixitsamo, your comments, shares and all other interactions are very welcome.Fold the right corner down to the crease line you just made, as shown.

Start with a piece of origami paper, colored side down.
Now follow the rest of the instructions, making three (3) units and assembling them as before.