(US government) Department Of Commerce.
Obviously, the term was constructed from the reek roots di- (compounding form of dis, double, twice and méros (part, share patterned on polymer.
At the DLC's annual meeting in Nashville on July 30, 2006, he said Some people say we've lost our standing, but if there ever was a time when the country needed the DLC.Days Days of Our Lives.For more and later on Lieberman, see There's a precedent of sorts for the DLC in something that was called the Democratic Advisory Council.DBX Digital (private) Branch eXchange ( PBX ).Dcfma Don't Cry For Me Argentina (.ar ).DCI Desktop Color Imaging.Digi-Key reveals that once, Barry Goldwater purchased a digital clock kit from them.
Dyodh, dyofh Do Your Own Homework!
African Studies Center (at the University of Pennsylvania ) offers a resource page.
Dram An old unit of weight and liquid measure in various conventional' systems, including American and British.
Latitude, in a spherical polar coördinate earth-centered system used for astronomy.DFA Designated For Assignment.About a month before Fox announced its shameless exploitation, Harding's landlord sued her for back rent.DVF Diane v on Furstenberg.One of my thousands of projects is to gather together snippets of information about him.As it happened, the European economy picked up and a lot of countries did switch starting in 1999 (.v.Playing a modern LP on a Victrola costway com discount code with one of those monster steel needles would probably also qualify as DRO.This is why so many US presidents have been former governors.

I think most people realize now that 63-year-old Koizumi is a rock star.
I'm not sure if these are actually required on a blind date, but perhaps the alternative hasn't been tried.
If this were the eighteenth century, and you were canoeing south up the Saint Joseph, you might land in South Bend and portage west to reach one of the tributaries of the Mississippi.