operation green sweep

4, this marked the texas rx discount card first time that the government had ever used military force against its own citizens in a drug operation.
'The terrain requires the use of helicopters.
As they left town, the soldiers and guardsmen drove by the Garberville Theater, whose marquee has become the bulletin board for community sentiment about their work.The operation continued several more days in August.While some area residents argue that many of the protesters favor the growing and use of marijuana, many protesters say they oppose drug use, including alcohol, but feel that the military tactics are an unnecessary escalation of the drug war.Instead, she said, they only provided truck convoys and helicopters for the guardsmen and Federal agents who actually carried out the eradiction.Among them are Laura Stern and Timothy.Their results speak for themselves, and they are not good.'.For example, the National Guard said it spent 400,000 but emphasized that the money would have been spent in any case on other training exercises.
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'We want to reclaim King Range for the people who own.'.
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The operation was led by the.
'The growers are counting on the fact that it's almost impossible to destroy these gardens Lieutenant Zezotarski said.
3, references, external links, cannabis and the military, categories ).On August 3, local residents threatened a military laundry unit with a pistol and another group fired shots.Day, who live with their two small children in a house built.Growers armed with automatic weapons with booby-trapped gardens became the central image of the area.1, the operation was the first time active-duty troops were used to combat marijuana growing in the United States.Army Provided Transportation, ronald.Blossom Edwards, a 17-year-old neighbor, became the focus of much of the protests after she reported running into half a dozen men in camouflage fatigues and armed with M-16 rifles while gifts for the deck walking on a public trail in the woods.

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Lieutenant Zezotarski said one helicopter had been fired upon by what was believed to be a small-caliber weapon.