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Old Version, older Version (De) uitspraak pronunciation to The Words and Letters (below a, aA, aU, b - posterpresentations discount code -B.
An incorrect possessive: Jan's vrienden Jan's friends (following the English, a very common mistake; it should be: "Jans vrienden.It's also written as " 'n " which shows the pronunciation correctly.some, a little - want 2 for, because; a mitt - zak bag - Mars Mars - stal 2 stable, animal housing - harnas a knight's armor - asbak ash tray - gasvlam gas flame - afwas dishes etc.Introduction: Dutch 'Long' and 'Short' Vowels Hear: la drawer laat late lat slat laten to allow latten slats ha aha!Single E after a consonant at the end of a word is almost always pronounced as voiceless E: aarde the earth; soil, dirt - alle all - benzine gas, gasoline - deze this, these - - dezelfde the same - hetzelfde the same - eerste.
(exclamation: something happening quickly) Greek OE Pronounced as Dutch EU: oecumenisch 2 ecumenical - Oedipus Oedipus (Latin -US ending pronounced as OOS, Dutch OES) - oedipaal like Oedipus Frech OEU Pronounced much like 'voiceless E' or Dutch short U but longer: oeuvre an artist's body.
However, short U is a regular vowel, and words can have short U and voiceless E as their only vowels, as for instance: tunneltje a small tunnel - verrukkelijk 2 / verrukkelijke 2 delicious, very enjoyable U-long There is no sound in English similar.
mijn my, mine; mine' - coal etc.
With difficulty I say (exaggerated!) champiGNons Compare with 'regular' Dutch: magneet 2 magnet - Agnes (girls' name) G in NG helling slope, ramp - see NG under N for more examples H haak hook - haar hair; her - hand hand - heel whole; very.
One thing you could say is that the stress of a word is rarely on the voiceless E - hear: regering government - rekening bill, invoice; account - try to memorize the sound patterns as you learn the words.
Only in deliberately slow speech are the letters pronounced separately: breedte width - handtekening signature - handtasje 2 ladies' handbag - windtunnel 2 wind tunnel - windtunnel badtas wind-tunnel bad-tas wind tunnel / bag for swimming stuff DT at the end of a word.koper Copper; buyer - koud cold - kerk church - kurk cork - klok clock - kind 2 child - krant newspaper - dak 2 roof - dik fat, thick - rijk rich - broek 2 pants, trousers - volk 2 a people,.suiker sugar - bui 2 rainshower - buit loot, booty - duin dune - muis mouse - ruim roomy, spacious; well over; a ship's hold - bruid bride - bruidegom bridegroom - snuit snout - pointy animal face, mouth - spuit spout, hose end.the people talk sloppily NG like NG in singer vocalist or hanger, never like in linger or danger - hear: ringvinger ring finger - eng scary, creepy - engerd a creep lang long, tall - slang snake; hose - angst fear, dread - sprong.There are a few simple rules for voiceless E, but they do not cover every possibility.smaak taste - smal 2 narrow - naam 2 name - kam 2 comb - hem him - zoom 2 3 hem - bloem 2 3 flower; white flour - bom 2 bomb - bommen 2 bombs - bomen trees - warm warm.Uw your (formal - duw a push - duwen to push - zenuw nerve - ruw 2 / ruwe rough - juweel a jewel - juwelen jewels, jewelry - zwaluw swallow' - a bird) - ruwaard a medieval ruler - gruwelen horrors; to be horrified.

It's of course not possible to list all foreign words used in Dutch that don't follow our spelling rules.
Rare: Hymans, Nyssens - after consonant, at end of name: as Engl.
welvaart prosperity - wuiven 2 to wave - walvis whale - voorwaarde precondition - veelwijverij polygamy - vrijwilliger 2 volunteer X always like X in AXE - hear Dutch: ex ex-wife or ex-husband - Dutch KS represents the same sound - hear Dutch: heks.