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On April 23 the sun vanished beneath the horizon for the last time until August.
They had taken twenty-one days less than Scott's 13 gifts book trailer party to reach the Pole.
On March 15 they were joined by the geologists, Griffith Taylor, Frank Debenham and Charles Wright along with Petty Officer Edgar Evans who had been exploring the western mountains in Victoria Land.
On November 1, ten men, each with a pony and sledge, left Cape Evans in detachments: Scott, Wilson, Bowers, Oates, Atkinson, Cherry-Garrard, Wright, Edgar Evans, Crean and Keohane.Surely in this case the conquest is more nobly and splendidly won".Shackleton had announced that he intended to make his winter quarters at McMurdo Sound, an announcement that should have been respectfully cleared through Scott first.Scott Keltie, requesting financial assistance (30,000) for a second expedition to Antarctica.The others refused and he struggled.Amundsen chose to sail directly for the Ross Sea, a non-stop voyage, so the telegram for Scott was left with instructions for it not to be sent until after the fram had sailed.Next day he felt better and said he could.Down to their last meal, the men accidentally came upon the depot which was shrouded in fog.There is no getting away from the fact that we are not pulling strong".As it turns out, the Bay of Whales was the proper place for a starting point on an attempt for the Pole.Scott wrote to his mother, "My companions are delightful".
The three motor sledges, still in their crates, were lashed to the deck.
Lashly and Crean were both in tears as the three men turned back at 8732'S, at an altitude of 10,280 feet and 169 miles from the Pole.
This group would be led by Victor Campbell.
Atkinson handed Kathleen her husband's diary and last letter.
The scientists were carefully picked and from the onset, Edward Wilson was Scott's first choice.
Amundsen was heavily in debt and knew if there was any chance to repay his debtors, a spectacular triumph would be needed.
Other than Kathleen and the family, no one grieved more than Sir Clements Markham.Scott replied, "Of course we shall have a run for our money next season, but so far as the Pole is concerned I have little hope".Well, it is something to have got here, and the wind may be our friend tomorrow".One of the ponies had disappeared and survival seemed unlikely.The Voyage of the Discovery, by Robert Falcon Scott.Additionally, some of our performance fabrics have a waterproof back finish (such as gore-TEX fabrics and HydroSeal) that prevents penetration of the water through the fabric.It is going to be a close thing".Bowers wrote, "Poor Teddy-I am sure it was for his wife's sake he wanted.