But the cost is high: most coupon sites offer deals at 50 percent off and then take half the money the customer pays, sending the other half to the merchant.
A cautionary tale is that of Posies welcome back to school teacher gifts Bakery and Cafe in Portland, Ore., which blogged ruefully last year about its 8,000 Groupon loss.
By the time Groupon issued its financial documents in June, the first step to going public, the phenomenon seemed a little less promising.
And VillageVines and many other sites offer restaurateurs the promise of guiding discount patrons to undesirable reservation times.And if they dont have a good mustard tree gift set experience, we cant feature the restaurant,.Amazon declined to comment.But its hard to know how any of it pans out, she said.We were used to small audiences, like blogs that we were the creators and the only readers of, said Daniel Kibblesmith, a Groupon copywriter.Credit Michael Appleton for The New York Times.
I said, No more.
LaRusso, 25, a graduate student in education at the University of Pennsylvania.
As they run the numbers, the restaurateurs fall into several camps.But antagonists are fomenting a deal backlash.And we already offer that.And people usually bring other customers, who are paying full price.Groupon, which says it has 60 million subscribers, is adding Groupon Now, a GPS-based app offering local discounts that are time-specific so restaurants can experiment with off-peak pricing.

Operating year-round, we offer private and public programming surely to appeal to all visitors.
Massari acknowledged, but in the end we are even.
Beyond the startups, legions of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are jumping in, including The New York Times, which has announced it will offer daily e-mail deals, including some at restaurants.