After a while, the Doctor realised that he'd just killed a man with the force of an argument.
After Captain Kensei Muguruma undergoes hollowfication, he has glowing red eyes under his mask.Emil Castagnier's eyes go from Green to win jay rock Red when he activates his Superpowered Evil Side, Ratatosk Mode, in the sequel.InuYasha : Subverted with Kirara who was first introduced as a snarling beast with glowing red eyes.The Compleat Arduin Book 2: Resources Night Demons have 100-180 Hit Points, their melee attacks inflict up to 115 Hit Points of damage per round and their breath weapon does 60 Hit Points of fire damage every third melee round.Though given that it's a gigantic monster covered in spikes and scars, the warning is probably unnecessary.
While she doesn't have them herself, the glow of Maul's red lightsaber reflects on her eyes, giving them a red color, symbolising her decision to stay with Crimson Dawn rather than escape with Han.
Hetty has red eyes and is as evil as they imply, as seen from her suggestion that Reynardine kill Antimony and her Irrational Hatred toward Adam.
Comic Strips These aren't a constant for any character in Candorville, but most vampires can activate and deactivate them at will.
The demonic nobleman in The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico has reddish eyes in human form.
Kamen Rider Fourze 's Big Bad was initially known as "The Red-Eyed Man even in official in promotional materials, before they revealed his true identity: Mitsuaki Gamou, the chairman of the high school attended by all the heroes.The optometrist is pretty upset Wayne didn't mention it sooner, implying it's not only unnatural but also apeman strong promo code 2017 dangerous.The single red flashing eye makes up a great deal of the Centurions' and Raiders' intimidation factor.When this happens, it's a good idea to run away very, very fast.The Soulless Pacifist Ending of Undertale shows Chara with those.It could not have evolved by chance.Midnighter realized his adversary had a similar origin story to him and talked him into giving up and going away.Once while Logan was guest instructing a group of young X-Men in a special Danger Room training session, he sensed the disturbing presence of a dark and malevolent wraith.His eyes began to turn red among other things.

The black idol in Al-Anwhar has two ruby eyes that glint malevolently.