It smelt like sweet coconut cream.
I have to say that the pink pepper shows very well here - a brilliant note in a minimalist composition that still has gorgeous depth!
Guess what it smelt like.Too much of a good thing is an impossibility.While it is not strikingly far apart from the other, the undertones (as mentioned, even an hour or so in are different.So, the one different note in this 3-note composition, as compared to the For Him Musc Collection EdP, is the use of Pink Pepper here versus Red Berries in that scent.Top notes are bergamot, peach, blackberry and cassis; middle notes are iris and mimosa; base notes are musk, tonka bean and coconut.Intelligent opening notes in both - and that does alter how the fragrance will connect with you to a degree.After a nice side-by-side wearing, I am leaning towards getting a bottle of the.
I was so disappointed with it that I rechecked if its the same perfume.
His creations are designed to celebrate their beauty and sensuality, to set off their body.
The metallic cap has a colourful bow.
Pros of Tommy Hilfiger Woman Peach Blossom.
He has a unique, timeless style that combines the rules of American ready-to-wear fashion, the traditions of European Haute-Couture and the sensuality of his Latin heritage.Thats a personal choice but do smell it before buying.I can see mma prize money the point that having one OR the other will still give you.I stand by my review/notes above on the differences between the two.Normally, I don't like to compare scents, but formulations of a scent and very close flankers, I believe, are apropos.You cannot even guess it in your dreams.Narciso, rodriguez draws his inspiration from women, for women.I am seduced, yet again.Narciso for Him EdP Intense.It smelt like fresh sanitary napkins.

I cannot say which I like more, other than each can connect with my mood, uniquely.
Its definitely not ugly, though.