mission team rewards list

Soldier Rescue Starting Location: Heliport Difficulty: 2 skulls Maximum Players: 2 Prerequisites: Unlocks: Rewards: Ballistic Shield (Color) Design Specs (found in stage Anti-Tank Rifle Design 100 (Prisoner M16A1 (GL Laser) Design Specs (S Rank required) Rescue the.S.
No life regeneration items allowed.
If weve missed any cool ideas let us know in the bulk gift ideas for kids comments below.All make great rewards and show your employees you care.EO#050 Perfect Stealth Starting Location: Eastern Limón, Costa Rica / El Cenagal : Jungle Difficulty: 5 red skulls Maximum Players: 2 Prerequisites: Unlocks: Rewards: M1911A1 Custom Design Specs (found in stage ptrd1941 Design Specs (found in stage Assassin's Straw Box (found in stage Stealth Camouflage.Sitting for hours at a best christmas gifts for 30 year old man time can have serious negative side effects on your health.Bonus points if their team is from out of town, and you get them tickets to the game when they play the local team.Not only is it awesome, but its proven to relieve stress.Upgrade the kitchen Your employees deserve all the comforts of home and then some.This objective always available on regular Reactor Sabotage missions and the Exterminate mission in the Kuva Fortress.Give them a getaway Spend as much or as little as you want.
CEO for a day Reward your employee by letting them use the bosses office for a day.
An alternate Mission Summary will be shown if the objective has been failed.
One-on-one mentoring One of the most valuable things for an employee who wants to improve.Extra Ops 115 EO#115 AI Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Custom Starting Location: Central Heredia, Costa Rica / AI Laboratory Difficulty: 5 red skulls Maximum Players: 4 Prerequisites: Unlocks: Rewards: Railgun Design Specs (S Rank required) Neutralize the Chrysalis Custom.Since this is a simulation, any damage dealt to the simulated zeke will not affect the real zeke.Headphones Probably the most under appreciated object in the office, and often misplaced.Sorties require the completion of The War Within (MR5) and refreshes daily.

Just as our own wellbeing requires continuous attention and work, the same is true for maintaining and nurturing a healthy company where the mission is the heart of the organization.
Food Truck Lunch Get a food truck to come to the office for lunch.