message in a bottle gift

Sand color beach sand, sparkly ocean blue, white, black and more.
When she'd made the decision to come, she'd planned to stay overnight.
Kevin always looked so peaceful, so beautiful, with his head on the pillow and the covers piled up around him.
She would stay awake thinking about him as she lay in her bed, and when she walked across campus, she smiled so often that unique christmas gift boxes other people would smile back whenever they saw her.They always stayed in the same place, the Fisher House, and when she found out that Kevin was leaving to visit his father in California for a good portion of the summer, she insisted that Theresa come along.She hadn't had a new style in years, and she was tired of looking the same every day.Her legs had stiffened in the cool water, and sitting down to put on her shoes was a little more difficult than she expected.Dishes to be washed, bathrooms to be cleaned, the cat box to be emptied; cars needed tune-ups, laundry needed to be done, and bills had to be paid.How would it be to come to a quiet spot every day, away from the hustle and bustle of Boston, just to appreciate what life had to offer?The stationery, with its picture of a sailing ship in the upper right hand corner, was beginning to discolor in places, fading slowly with the passage of time.Now she found herself alone on the beach, and she took in her surroundings.It was expensive paper, thick and sturdy, with a silhouette of a sailing ship embossed in the upper right hand corner.Her friends thought she was crazy.But now it all came back to her.
She didn't blame him for almost forgetting.
Even though she was constantly in motion, it seemed as if nothing special ever happened to her anymore.
Sleep late, eat too much, and jog in the mornings, before everyone got there to spoil.
The unfair thing about the whole situation was that she still missed him sometimes, or rather the good parts about him.
But it was hard, if not impossible, to meet someone decent these days.
He never missed sending a birthday or Christmas gift, called weekly, and traveled across the country a few times a year just to spend weekends with his son.She wanted to experience freedom again, if only for a short time.When David showed up at her sorority party at the beginning of her junior year, one look was all it took for her to know she wanted to be with him.And because the syndication offers had started only eighteen months ago and she was a newcomer to most papers, she couldn't afford even a few "off" days.Don't miss me too much, okay?" Then, turning around, he handed the ticket to the flight attendant and almost skipped onto the plane without looking back.Theresa sighed and checked her watch.