Will you be able to break the rusty's discount pet center california spell and reveal the secrets of winters beauty?
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Originally Posted by tbob, quite the display Does it vary like a slide show on the walls or is the variation from site to site?
In the magical land of Lumina Borealis, Winters secrets are kept safe.But as the greater world became distracted with greater stories, only children bible quotes about gifts and talents kept a warm heart for the cold season.As long as one managed to avoid the wind.It decided never to leave Kingston and to take all its beauty to Fort Henry.One night, as winter transformed into a wolf howling at the moon, the wind asked why it was crying.The first two shots were done at ISO 64 and the last one at ISO 6400.A long time ago anyone could see the beauty of winter.Only a warm heart can know it the spirit responded.The wind was blowing fairly hard out of the south-west, so getting to and from the fort was not that pleasant.Reply With" 20th January 2018, 07:01 AM #4, re: Lumina Borealis - Take 2 and all the time I am suffering here at about 29DegC!Reply With" 20th January 2018, 06:32 AM #2, re: Lumina Borealis - Take.
Part of the reason I went this route for the first two images is that the place was quite busy and by going long exposure (up to 30 seconds the people that walked by are not visible in the shots.
Display in the Dry Moat.
I would like to say I envy you.
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From ice to fire, from darkness to light, let your instincts guide you.Left out in the frost, the spirit of winter found shelter in Fort Henry.Going to have to give up my hi ISO habit and pack along a tripod.Manfred your night shots continually leave me awestruck.Last edited by Manfred M; 20th January 2018 at 06:56.Lawrence, upper Canada Golf Course, crysler Park Marina.The show was pretty well identical to the one I shot in late 2016, but I had different equipment along this time.

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All shots were done with a tripod.