My favourite would be Delice de fleurs reviewed here on imbb.
I like it more because it smells super romantic and flirty on top of wholesale discount auto parts online being feminine and cute.Product Description: There is a Mediterranean legend of a beautiful nymph named Paeonia who was so courted by the gods that a jealous goddess transformed her into a flower with a thousand petals: a peony.The packaging has cute peony petals.So, this would appeal to anyone who likes mild, floral and feminine fragrance. I have never come across a fragrance before which has green base before trying this one.Elizabeth Ardens Red Door Eau De Toilette Spray. Since then, this symbol of beauty and femininity brightens every spring with its dazzling show of colors and scents.
Maybe, its because I use this after the shower gel.
The heart contains Bulgarian and Turkish roses, Indian sandalwood, styrax and musk.
The base consists of tones of sweet peach, blackcurrant, lilac, amber and ylang-ylang.
My Experience with LOccitane Pivoine Flora Eau De Toilette: Peony flowers are often symbolised as a flower for spring.
(By green base, I mean to say it smells of leaves also).In 1933 Rene Lacoste and André Gillier, the owner and President of the largest francis christmas gift French knitwear manufacturing firm of that time, set up a company to manufacture the logo-embroidered shirt.It continues to offer the same quality, comfort and solidity on which it built its name and which constitute its uniqueness.The Peony Eau de Toilette captures the subtle aura of the peony flower, in a generous perfume marked with green ntains a peony extract from the south of France (Drome).LOccitane Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk, lOccitane Pivoine Flora Lipstick Tourbillon Cerise.Hi Lovelies, I will be reviewing the LOccitane En Provence Pivoine Flora EDT today.He promised to buy it for me if I won a very important match for out team.Apt for all age groups as this will suit any one from 20 to is romantic and delicate and a mature fragrance as well.Great for spring and summer.The perfumes from the Creed brand are attractive not only thanks to their enchanting fragrances, but also their exceptional and elegantly beautiful packaging, which constitutes a modern take on a historical legacy.I havent seen many peony trees in Australia, but it is said to be abundant in Mediterranean and I think in a similar way to Japanese Cherry Blossom (sakura) which is symbolised with spring in Japan.