That's the easy bit.
I honestly don't notice much else, just hints rather than expressions.Having said all that, Light Blue gets a adidas vouchers 2018 whole lot better on me the longer I leave.Realistically Light Blue is a warm weather fragrance.Depending on your taste and expectation this could be very good (or equally not).Firstly, credit where credit is due: the citrus opening is very natural with the juniper making it bitter like a rare and very dry vermouth.All the same, the appeal is understandably not universal.But I stress this a personal opinion and not a criticism of Light Blue.On deeper reflection, if I wish to wear a citrus, I'm probably more drawn to Hermes' d'Orange Verte, Miller Harris' Petit Grain, or even 4711.Arguably, the musk overload kills the whole perfume.
So, the citrus almost gives way immediately to the musk - making this rather one-dimensional.
The musk is much too heavy and really suffocates the rosemary, oakmoss, rosewood and incense.
This is an unusual scent.I like Light Blue, but only a long long way into the drydown.It's what follows that is less complimentary.If I'm reminded of anything then it is like sniffing a bag of lemon sherbets or lemon-merangue pie - but with musk and a hint of rosemary.I danced around it a while before buying; and even then, it took a few wearings before I became completely comfortable using.Admittedly it has a uniqueness - which is some achievement in this age of mass perfumery.