General Non-Fiction for a distinguished and appropriately documented book of non-fiction by an American author that is not eligible for consideration in any other category.
References edit Auxier, George.It's just a way of slipping 'Academy Awards' into a bio.The board can also vote to issue no award.Mississippi Valley Historical Review.Cumulative advantage and social stratification in journalism"."Staff of The Dallas Morning News".A b c d e Topping, Seymour (2008).
New York: Columbia University Press.
Chronology of Pulitzer Prize categories 10s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s Current Categories Journalism Editorial Writing 7 9 8 7 Reporting Public Service 8 Newspaper History Award Editorial Cartooning 9 7 Correspondence 2 7 Telegraphic Reporting - International 8 7 International.
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Often thought of as the grand prize, and mentioned first in listings of the journalism prizes, the Public Service award is only given to the winning news organization.By 2016, this provision had expanded to three additional categories (International Reporting, Criticism and Editorial Cartooning).Organization of American Historians.Joseph Pulitzer who had made his fortune as a newspaper publisher, and is administered.Beginning in 2007, "an assortment of online elements best preschool teacher christmas gifts will be permitted in all journalism categories except for the competition's two photography did the timberwolves win last night categories, which will continue to restrict entries to still images." 16 In December 2008 it was announced that for the first time content published.Reports and photographs by United Statesbased newspapers, magazines and news organizations (including news websites) that "publish regularly" 15 are eligible for the journalism prize.He viewed the Pulitzer Prize as a 'mutual admiration society and hence not to be taken seriously."Kathleen Parker: 'Smallish-town girl' hits cable".325 a b "Pulitzer Decision Angers Juror Ignoring Nominations, Panel Didn't Know History Prize San Jose Mercury News, April 23, 1994,.2 Although the administrator's office and staff are housed alongside the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia's Pulitzer Hall and several administrators have held faculty appointments at the School of Journalism, the Board and administration have been operationally separate from the School since 1950.The administrator and the dean (who has served on the Board since 1976) participate in the deliberations as ex officio members but cannot vote.For more than two decades.