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Origin Comparative static Refers to a comparison of two equilibria from a static model, usually differing by the effects of a single small change in an exogenous variable.
Centre for Economic Policy Research A European network for economic research in many fields of economics including international trade and international macroeconomics.
This definition was used under the Bretton Woods System of pegged exchange rates, but is less meaningful under floating exchange rates.
The value of such a currency is ofter dependent on the prices of these commodities.UPC is in fact a subset of the more general EAN code.Counterfeit goods Products that appear to duplicate branded goods without the permission of the brand owner.Typically, an importer with a commitment to pay foreign currency in the future would buy it forward, an exporter with a future receipt would sell it forward, and a purchaser of a foreign bond would sell forward the expected proceeds.This Visit Brought To You.Complementary slackness The pair of conditions that capture optimality in the presence of a constraint.
Often restricted to domestic carriers, in an example of barriers to trade in services.
Cost of living The cost of a representative bundle of goods and services in consumption, usually as measured by the consumer price index.
Due to Corden (1974).Used to illustrate the potential benefits from trade by showing that it can expand consumption possibilities.Chinese Economic Area Unofficial name for the area comprising Hong Kong, Taiwan, and either China as a whole or just its Special Economic Zones.Lots of people have requested the codes.(can be slow to access from North America).GS1-US (formally called Uniform Code Council) has a home page that provides a catalog of information they sell and an electronic version of their newsletter.Common external tariff The single tariff rate on a product agreed to by all members of a customs union on imports of that product from outside the union.Counterpurchase contract A form of countertrade in which the foreign seller is required to purchase something from the buyer, usually unrelated goods or services.A confirmation email has been sent to you.With two countries and many goods, goods can be ranked by comparative advantage (e.g., by relative unit labor requirements in the Ricardian model ).The Universal Product Code or UPC barcode was the first bar code symbology widely adopted.Clearing system An arrangement among financial institutions for carrying out the transactions among them, including canceling out offsetting credits and debits on the same account.Centre perfect gift for her just because William Rappard The building in Geneva, Switzerland, that houses the World Trade Organization.

Said of a function if the set of points below it is convex, and thus if f ( x 1(1) x 2) f ( x 1 1) f ( x 2) where f is the function of a vector x and.
Also known as uncovered interest arbitrage.