indian wedding gift packaging ideas

Use your framing skills to capture their special moments, get all the near and valentine's day gift ideas for office dear ones to write personal anecdotes involving the two, create a special digital or paper scrapbook, and theres a keeper of a gift.
The ones in silver wont break the bank much, and make your guests really happy!
Jewelry boxes to store all the trinket is also a great idea for gifting.
Do the same with cupcakes and chocolates and lo, you are the new sweet thing!A Ganpati idol, silver coins, clothes, dry fruits, wholesale bags if you thought Im talking philadelphia food baskets gifts about some random shopping trip, youre mistaken.Previously, gift cheques were in vogue, where u had to just deposit it into your bank account or just encash it at a branch.Jams are super cute and sauces make for great gifts - try the exotic ones.Cookery Classes, help out that culinary skills challenged friend by enrolling her into a cooking class just so she can dazzle her new husband and family with her amazing cooking.Keep the alcohol away from elders though, not because itll be weird for them, but because they might gulp it down themselves!Miniature Alcohol Sets, belong to one of those colourful, chilled out clans?So, here go a few whacky ideas for return gifts that are sure to be a big hit among your guests.Even Hard Disk drives are a great gifting option for that tech-junkie of a friend.Gadgets Most men have a thing for gadgets so they are a great option to gift for a wedding.
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Be sure to include one from their favorite genres and include some you think they will enjoy reading together.
I am sure it will be considered a thoughtful gesture as the couple gets to spend quality time with each other without having to worry about the nuances of the trip.
Monogramming your initials on a beautiful plate is perhaps the best thing ever.
Flowers and Cards, flowers are always a good idea to express your blessing and good wishes for the happy couple on their journey.
WMG Loves: Elan Boxes Packaging makes some divine boxes with unique ideas.Though, you must always remember that when gifting plants, you need to look for ones that are low maintenance and non-fussy both for you and the person you are gifting.Just be sure to keep the brides trousseau in mind when you shop.So you have a host of potential treasure trove of gifting ideas ranging from branded makeup kits, bags and clutches, to belts, shades and shoes.Books, if the couple shares a passion for reading, then books may be the ideal gift.Makeup and Accessories, from a womans perspective no outfit is complete without the perfect accessory.

Kitchen Utensils for a girl looking to set up a new home, it is a great idea to gift some kitchen utensils that are bound to come in handy.
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