If intermountain harley davidson coupon code you'd like, you can now remove your twist tie, pipe cleaner, or whatever you used to cinch the wrap together.
Youll notice in the previous photo in Step #6 that the corners of the basket bag are sticking out on the sides of the box.Step #2 -Your Container, use these durable and reusable boxes as your gift basket containers.In our sample gift basket, we decided to make the basket viewed just from the front, which is why we put the lid at the back of the box.Step #6 Your Basket Bag, using a clear cello basket bag will make wrapping up your gift basket so much easier!TIP: Consider the shapes and sizes of the products when youre purchasing them.By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Simply follow these 8 easy steps and youll become a gift basket making pro in no time!This will cover the front and back of your basket and leave plenty of room at the top for some pretty frills.Once youve placed all your products in the box, its time to put the box into a clear cello basket bag.Heres a super easy tutorial on how to make these perfect bows.The neck of the wrap works well, too.
If your gift basket is to be viewed all around, you would then put your lid under the box with the taller products in the center and the smaller items around the edge.
You can then tape them down on the bottom of the basket from there.
Looking for more gift basket making ideas?
We chose to go with the lid behind for this example.It needs to be sturdy, attractive and easy to work with.Try to vary them as much as possible which will make it easier to fit into the gift basket.This could also be a pipe cleaner, or anything that'll hold it together.Tape should be on the bottom of your basket more than the sides.Tie it around twice, forming a knot that won't slip.The bow has that job now and will keep everything in place.This helps keep everything secure inside and the cello wrap looking nice and crisp (and not looking like someone sat on it!).