For obvious reasons, McDonald's doesn't tell us much about how these tickets are distributed across Australia.
A 'Chance card' ticket also provides a 12-digit code which, when entered into an app, provides another opportunity to nab an instant prize or a digital 'Collect to win' ticket.
Unfortunately a game ticket cannot be transferred by you, to any other person, whether by gift, sale or otherwise.
So the probability of prada sport cologne gift set entering a random 12-digit code into the app and having it recognised as a valid ticket code is given by: 136,634,083 3512).McDonalds Monopoly finished in the UK back in May, but has now started in its fast food restaurants across Australia.Going by previous observations, it seems that for each 'Collect to win' ticket colour, all but one of each set will likely by very commonly distributed.Cracking codes takes time A number this small is hard to imagine, so lets think of it another way.Given you could become tens of thousands of dollars richer by simply going on a Macca's run, McDonald's Monopoly games have in the past been subject to cheating and a multimillion-dollar scandal.The instant win aspect is a nice bonus if you're already planning on having a meal at McDonald's since it's not all that unlikely that you could end up with some extra fries or a drink.Chance of dying from flesh-eating bacteria - one in one million.
McDonalds simply promises an average rate of an instant win, owing to the fact that about 20 of physical tickets include a prize of some sort.
Collecting five tickets does not mean that one of them will always be an instant win ticket.
A5,000 travel gift card one year of free fuel car 1 in 45 million (three prizes each) ultimate gaming package home theatre 1 in 34 million (four prizes) BBQ set 1 in 17 million (eight prizes) A1,000 shopping voucher Can you hack the app?If you are planning on trying to win one of the major 'Collect to Win' prizes during McDonald's annual Monopoly promotion, these are the odds we think you should be expecting (even if you have collected all but one of the tickets needed) based.The instant win aspect is a nice bonus if youre already planning on having a meal at McDonalds, since its not all that unlikely that you could end up with some extra fries or a drink.This is all familiar.What the numbers reveal, this year, McDonalds says 136,634,083 tickets will be distributed across the fastfood giants restaurants, and lists the maximum number of prizes available.

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There are 9 possible numbers (1-9, ignoring 0 so as not to confuse with the letter O) and 26 possible letters (A-Z, capitals only) that can appear in a ticket code Every ticket code consists of a combination of letters and numbers.
This article was written by Sarah Belet, a postgraduate student from Monash University and Jennifer Flegg, a senior lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of Melbourne.