measure three lines, starting from.
Here are some ideas for different holidays: that's how you can arrange a gift mma prize money for all life situations, or rather holidays.Shrink wrap, clear or colored cellophane or other wrapping paper.Its cost starts from 10 rubles.Option cards for money for the birth of a child: Here's a diagram of another envelope for money.And here is another MK here are my postcards-envelopes for money, I do them not so long ago, but it's very delaying this process!To make an easy, last minute homemade gift, use any kind of blank paper to make friendship coupons for special favors such as good for 1 free back rub or 1 free night of babysitting.Looks great, also with their own hands The envelope for money is mostly elongated, so that it can contain banknotes, and they are known to be rectangular.From each side of the sheet we measure 1,5.
First, think about using something that relates to the theme that you have chosen in step one for the gifts you will be including in the basket and come up with your own creative basket or container ideas from there.
You can decorate the top with a flower and rhinestones.
With some imagination, the perfect gift basket or container idea will come to you every time you make a gift basket.
How to make a beautiful gift envelope-card for money with your own hands?However, if you decorate a gift in a proper way, besides gift cups online with your own hands, then he is unlikely to leave a satisfied person indifferent.Well, this is how you can congratulate 14 February or a student if you are not an artist and do not have a well-developed imagination, then it would look nice, it is better to buy such an envelope.Don't make this too complicated as just about anything goes.The ideas are endless so put on your thinking cap and focus on the recipient of this gift basket and what would appeal to their tastes and desires.The first step is to decide what theme fits the occasion and gift recipient.To do this in general is not difficult, but it is also important that the moment, on whose occasion they congratulate.From the second type of paper scrap we make two other segments - 7,8 * 8 cm and 5,8 *.If talents are on your face, then arm yourself with cardboard, paints and all sorts of beautiful ribbons, beads and flowers.You can get quite creative at this point.Wrap you gift with shrink wrap, clear or colored cellophane or other wrapping paper.Or this option: Here is the master class of the envelope with a beautiful original petal.