Hard-candy style: Bring the sides of the gift box newtown ct the wrapping paper up around your gift to make a long tube.
Make sure felt gift card holders make you can wrap the paper into a tube around your gift, with 6-12" excess length on either side.Tape the edge of the wrapping to the center of the box.Bring the points of the triangle flaps together and neatly secure them with tape.Nilda: Just to hold it in place.Put your tag.Im here, by the way, with the wizardess of wrapping thats your new title, Nilda, did you know this?
RON: And cellophane is widely available.
Boxes can be purchased from your local postal or shipping service such as UPS and FedEx.
Roll out enough paper to cover the top of your box, then place the box dakota discount rv rapid city upside down on the paper.
Then, fold the bottom flap up and tape it to the side of the box.RON: So you took some double-sided tape.Tie in a bow.Other ideas: - On the hard-candy-style wrapping, cut the ends into fringes.Be careful not to tear it, especially if your gift has sharp corners.For an oddly-shaped gift, an easy technique is wrapping it in a tube of paper and twisting each end to seal it, like a giant piece of hard candy.Just add an extra touch to the box by wrapping it with a ribbon and bow.

Step 3: get wrapping, bring the corners of the tissue paper up, over the mug.
Use tissue-paper flowers instead of a bow.