how to check if itunes gift card has been redeemed

9 In some countries, you can use your hong kong apple store student discount smart phone camera to redeem the gift card.
Click on check the balance of a gift card.
Once you have the iTunes world book coupon code gift card added to your wallet, you will just need to open up your iTunes pass and view your account balance in the top right hand corner.The system should take you to the gift card department.(Or look for emails from Apple with iTunes receipts, though those lag purchases by a couple of days).From the App Store, click on the featured tab.If it were Ting's case, you'd be looking for.49 purchase (or several purchases which total that amount).If you want to check your balance after making some purchases, moonlight gifts milton vermont you can follow the same process.Get Your iTunes gift card redeemed instantly through iTunes store app.You will then see your account balance.At the bottom, you will see the option for an iTunes pass.
6 2 Redeem the gift card on your personal computer.
Scroll down to App Store.
From your personal computer, click on the Apple icon on the top left hand corner of your screen.
Tap the redeem option.
Scratch off the label to find the hidden code.Ask a member of the service team to look up your gift card balance.8 By redeeming your iTunes gift card, you are just adding it to your account.4 Redeem the gift card on your phone.The iTunes balance will include the redeemed gift card balance.How to Check the iTunes Gift Card Balance?Then, enter the pin on the back of the gift card.We do provide services to help you activate the iTunes prepaid gift card.Then, sign in with your Apple.You can get iTunes gift card activated through the iTunes store app installed on desktop, Android or iOS device.4 3, go to an Apple store.On the right side of the window, you should see an option to redeem.You can check the iTunes card balance through online and offline mode.Get iTunes prepaid card activated automatically once you check the balance.

You are not actually using the sum but, rather, adding it to your account in order to see the balance.
Enter your gift card number to see your account balance.