Obama also won over young voters by large numbers: 74 of those under 30 went Obama.
Year Winner (nationally) Loser (nationally) Electoral Votes Notes 1820 James Monroe - 15 Monroe effectively ran unopposed.Elections from 1792 to 1820 edit In the election of 1820, incumbent President James Monroe ran effectively unopposed, winning all 15 of North Carolina's electoral votes, and all electoral votes nationwide except one vote in New Hampshire.Roosevelt 497,566.93 Herbert Hoover 208,344.Clintons national campaign managers also refused the insights of local people who frequently knew where unregistered voters travelled or worked.Bush 1,237,258.97 groupon spring discount code Michael Dukakis 890,167.Indeed, more than half of the nearly 50,000 new voters added to Durham Countys voter rolls seattle flower show discount tickets in 20 were added by local organizers and local organizations.And a chance to make history in North Carolina.And across the nation.Kennedy 713,136.11 Richard Nixon 655,420.Eisenhower 575,062.34 Adlai Stevenson II 590,530.66.
For Democrats in Oxford or Roxboro, that office was in downtown Durham, 31 and 22 miles away respectively.
Grover Cleveland 132,951.44 Benjamin Harrison 100,346.8 James.
1796 John Adams Thomas Jefferson 12 Electoral vote split, eleven for Jefferson, one for Adams.
So Obama came to Charlotte to give his acceptance speech, but never set foot in the state after that.Update: According to Curtis Gans' new report, North Carolina showed the highest increase in voter turnout over 2004, largely due to gains in African-American and new voter turnout.Here are five reasons:.1 Democratic Primary Election in NC 2 9 year anniversary gift for her Candidate Votes Percentage Awarded delegates Barack Obama 766,077.23 104 No Preference 200,810.77 0 Totals 966,889 100.00 104 Republican primary edit See also: Statewide opinion polling for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2012 North Carolina (May 8).Republicans, many of whom are aligned with the "values conservative" wing of the party, didn't seem to identify with McCain.Calvin Coolidge 191,753.73 John.