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So we did and it was an overnight hit.
So I set out to accomplish this laurenshope com discount code dream, after designing a few and having the time of my life replacing old worn out stencils my husband said hey throw some on ebay. Since I do not charge additional fees for custom stencils that I design, occasionally, I do choose to turn a custom request into regular inventory. Thanks so much!These Are Not Signs, i sell stencils so you can make your own signs. .This means your subtotal has to meet the minimum requirement. . This way you can have an idea of what the sign will look like finished.Sizes, stencil sizes are the size of the actual stencil (edge to edge) not the size of the letters.
This is shipping time, not arrival time.
I have been using the same stencils for eight years.
*I do not offer coupons or discounts on custom orders. .
If properly cared for, they will last for years.If You Should Have Any Questions Feel Free To Ask.Here at Homestead Stencil Company I will always try to do my best as this is not my business rapid rewards surveys but Gods business I simply manage it, so for that reason I will give 110 in trying to assist you,however from time to time I will.Our Stencil Cutting Process, after starting our shop in 2016 we have tested our laser relentlessly to get the cleanest possible cut at even the smallest sizes.Thank you for your understanding.I'm happy to help.For quick craft projects or heavy use, 10 mil is a cut above most other shops where youll find that use 5 mil or 7 mil for their stencils.If you have any questions, please contact.Shipping Costs, shipping is.65 per order.

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Our stencils are cut with a Co2 laser cutter on Mylar which is reusable and washable.
 I do not offer to keep designs exclusive.