We will keep aiming high.
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Most upset Reactions to Donald Trump Winning Election Against Hillary.The state-run is capital one cash rewards a good card Xinhua News Agency said the campaign highlighted that, in its words, "the majority of Americans are rebelling against the.S.'s political class and financial elites.".In other related news: Flights to Canada are really cheap.They voted 4 change.Before Hillary Clinton conceded the race, a senior member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government said the geopolitical situation was "very uncertain.".Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was watching the "closer than expected" race in his office, his aide Tateo Kawamura told the Kyodo News service.What will succeed it, is yet to be known Araud said in another tweet.
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Ohio; Clinton Calif., Ore., Wash.
You know what we do now?
You wanted a white-knuckle story.YOU ARE NOT alone.Never one to shirk a political debate, England football legend turned charming television presenter Gary Lineker stated simply that the result was "[email protected] against all odds.against the establishment and even against most from the GOP.A New Fire Is Lit We Never Give.Famous faces from the sphere of sports have also expressed their reaction online, and some of Trump's highest-profile supporters were delighted at the news.How bendigo win news catch up do we explain this to future generations of women?