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A couple of my pals were: - Helen Hay - Larry Richie.
Taylor had this big ledger book that he used to keep track of who got what and when, then on a Saturday morning he gave you a bill.
The site has been cleared and is up for lease.Incidentally, they were Canadians. .Sweets "The shop next to his was the dairy, run by a Mrs Thompson - a very nice lady, the complete opposite of Baldy Allen. My friends were Margaret Steadman and Morag Macdonald. .He also worked in the garage in Montrose Terrace." Our Local Shops "As a little kid I used to be sent for messages along to the grocers on the corner of West Norton Place, with a line wrapped around some money.I do remember that he didn't seem to have much time for children. .Paul Sutherland Glasgow, Scotland Question - Pub near Croft-an-Righ.
I dimly recollect (I was about 5) that dresses on hangers were hung high against the shelved wall behind the counter." Dairy "Further east, almost opposite Meadowbank, was a dairy where I believe the cows were kept without recourse to grazing: there is some special name for this sort.
I'm sure the shop she refers to is my Grandfathers shop at the top of Waverley Place, directly opposite Abbey Church which is no longer there. .
I spent the first 14 years of my life in Sunnybank Place Abbeyhill My son recently found the EdinPhoto website and it brought back so many memories. .
Cath Tuff ( née Hay) Warwickshire, England Cath Tuff wrote again, following up her comments in 'Recollections 27' above and the reply that is included in 'Recollections 30' above. .
The coal cellar was in a walk-in cupboard off the kitchen.Sandra Hartland ( née Reid) Florida, USA - Pals - Schools - The Reid Family.Alan wrote: Steele Coulson's Brewery War-time "My mother, then Miss Wilma Dewar, worked there as a girl from 1940 until January 1943 when she was called up to join the waaf.We had great fun. .Jim Laidlaw New Zealand - West Norton Place - Joiners' Shop - Working in Abbeyhill - Trusting.Does anyone have a picture of these tenements, or could anyone tell me were I might get one?" Milton Street "I had an aunt and uncle, Agnes and John McCaskey, who lived in Milton Street. .It was at street level in a block of flats.Visiting Roy's Garage "I'm 62 now. .The kids from Milton street used to come to steal it and then, of course, we stole it back. .Peter Stubbs: March 19, 2010 Recollections.Calder would reach for a free sweetie for.I've seen some great photos of those code promo bouledogue avenue tenements on the '60s Edinburgh' * web site. .Colin Campbell Hampshire, England - Showground - Football Team Strip - Swimming.Jim Wilson Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland Thank you to Jim Wilson for writing again.

 Dad was always our first foot!
I now live in Calgary, Alberta." Mairi Macnab, Calgary, Alberta:  January 1, 2011.