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Mission Objectives: Steal 4 bikes and drive them onto the Packer truck in time.
Kill the Forellis, get in the ambulance before any backup arrives and take Johnny back to the meat factory.
Reward: 5000 Respect, recording Software: Fraps.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Storyline Missions Playlist: mission for: Mike Toreno, mission Objectives: Pick up Sweet from the police station, take him to his house in Ganton and take back the hood.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough - Mission.Since the Mafia already took Johnny, you need to find the ambulance that contains him.94 - Home Coming.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Storyline Missions Playlist: / Mission for: Woozie / Wu.Mission for: Ken Rosenberg/Mafia, mission objectives: - Find a ride and go pick up Johnny Sindacco from the hospital.81 - Cop Wheels.GTA: San Andreas - Mission #76 - Intensive Care (PC Version).
Mission, from, grand, theft, auto : San, andreas,.
Level 12 must be reached for completion of this mission.
GTA : San, andreas.
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