This petite hand lotion is "vanilla-cotton"-scented, smelling soft and powdery.
This petite lotus-shaped container sits prettily on their bathroom sink or counter, holding up to 30 cotton swabs at a time.
Caption: Photo: James Martin/cnet, roku Streaming Stick (2017 we already loved this little 50 video streamer, which turns any hdmi-equipped TV into a gateway to online entertainment bliss: Netflix, Amazon, Vudu,, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, HBO Now and literally hundreds of other streaming channels.
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 9 World Market Lotus Capiz Tealight Candleholder.99, sHOP NOW, these capiz-shell lotus votives (sold individually) light up the surrounding space with their soothing botanical silhouettes, with or without a tea light flickering inside each one.Sephora's fan-favorite foot masks are touted for their nice scent and fresh feel, and they aren't super messy to deal with.It works perfectly with.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 14 Bloss Lotus Cotton Swab Holder.99 shop NOW We love countertop organizers that also happen to be adorable.We keep it in the kitchen and it turns our Pandora or Spotify listening into something the whole family can enjoy.Gadget Case, everyone has some type of smart mobile device these days, but they don't all have a nice case or cover to properly protect.You clip it to a pocket or strap or mount to your bike (mount included) and its 1,350-mAh USB rechargeable battery provides up to 52 hours of light.But it sounds a bit better than the Dot, and it puts all the smarts of the Google Assistant at your beck and call.The thin metal clips cleanly to any page, without leaving marks or dimples in the paper.
But if you can splurge, go for the Grind Wireless, which can be found for as little.
For the person that has everything they need, consider giving a charitable gift in their honor.
It works with both PCs and Macs, and - best of all - doesn't need to sync with iTunes: just drag and drop your music files.This plastic pullover poncho offers some cheap insurance for getting through their daily commute.As an occasional golfer myself, I can tell you I appreciate having plenty of golf balls handy for my next round.Caption: Photo: Sarah Tew/cnet.These four stainless steel straws have a slight bend in the neck for easier sipping, and even come with a small cleaning brush.It's not quite as good as the Roku Stick, but the 2017 version of Amazon's Fire TV Stick is 10 cheaper and includes an Alexa-enabled voice remote.And now it gets better for 2017, with a new voice-activated remote that can also control your TV's power and volume.Published: October 26, 2017 Caption: Photo: Sarah Tew/cnet Oontz Angle 3 Plus It has a goofy name, but the Oontz Angle 3 Plus is arguably the sound quality champion for wireless Bluetooth speakers in the sub-50 price range.Pen Pencil Set, being on the receiving end of a nice pen and pencil set always makes one happy.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 8 Coffee Zombie Embroidered Patch.99.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 20 Pin It!Buy Now on Amazon.Self-Correcting Golf Balls by Polara.95.Cell Phone Speaker Amplifier, i just received one of these as a gift and I love it!