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Sven also makes a quick appearance at the end of the Once Upon a Time Frozen segment, during its seasonal winter overlay.
The two narrowly survive, but the research gathered in the form of holiday-related keepsakes are taken down the cliff and are destroyed, along with Kristoff's sleigh.Hämsterviel Ugly Duckling Silly Symphonies: Donald Duck Big Bad Wolf Practical Pig Fiddler Pig Fifer Pig Ugly Duckling Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White Evil Queen Doc Grumpy Happy Bashful Sneezy Sleepy Dopey Pinocchio: Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Figaro Cleo Gepetto Blue Fairy Honest.In Moana, Maui inadvertently transforms into Sven in Tamatoa 's lair.Kristoff orders Sven to stay put while he spies on the evil prince and his brothers.Relationships Gallery Trivia Sven was originally going to be a one-antlered reindeer.
Sven and Kristoff's lullaby duet.
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With the party a success, Sven distributes the cake and the day comes to an end.
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Notably, according to Kristoff, Sven finds an uptight Elsa to be bossy.He is Kristoff 's loyal pet reindeer and best friend.Other games Sven made appearances alongside Olaf in a few special, mini-game levels of Frozen: Olaf's Quest, following the hapless snowman through the map.In the 2014 reprise of the show, Sven appears alongside Olaf after the performance of " Love is an Open Door ".Upon entering adulthood, the two live on their own and start their own ice business.With a childlike outlook on life, he makes a perfect companion to Olaf the snowman.As seen in Olaf's Frozen Adventure, however, Kristoff's understanding of Sven is not guarantee, specifically when the former is too preoccupied to pay Sven much attention.