gifts worth 100

Kids dress-up box : Put together a kids play kit with old jewelry, clothes, wigs or other accessories so that the child can play dress-up.
Shop Now: 178, maple Leaf at Home Medium Oval Personalized Cutting Board.
A Groupon experience : Buy the giftee a certificate for some sort of experience from Groupon.Custom collage notebook : One year my brother made me a notebook that had a fun photo and magazine clipping collage on the cover.LED Finger Lights, blue crystal rhinestone peacock hair clip.Whether you just started dating or are celebrating a milestone anniversary, you want to what is the staff discount at next get her something special to commemorate the day.The ticket can be used for a special day of fun at the zoo, local aquarium or other attraction or activity of the child's choice (within reason).Put together a small camping gift pack ( flashlight, knife, backpack ) and then a certificate promising to take them camping when it's nice out.( Full review of Snagshout ) I bought a 75 flashlight for.99 on Snagshout and love it!Put them all in a small bucket or waterging can.Good night sleep tight gift set : Put together a gift package with a cute nightlight and set of books for story time.
A secret hiding spot book : You can make someone a book with a secret hiding spot where they can hide money or their secret identity.
You can probably find some cheaper ways to put these things together yourself if you try.
Then, you might want to consider this charming pendant necklace from Sarah Chloe.
Save up to 90 or more on your gifts : Save a ton of money on your gifts by using a service like Snagshout.
Handmade jewelry : Make a handmade necklace or bracelet at a local bead or craft store.
Give a magazine subscription : My brother loves reading National Geographic and the Economist.
These items would make great presents for your friends and family, as well as pretty cool stocking stuffers.Make up some nice looking coupons for free yard work or other odd jobs on your computer.Red Bow Dust Plug for iPhone or iPad.Mustache Necklace and Earrings Set, rose Flower Headband, retro Camera Necklace.If you want to give to others, go to a local nursing home and play!Make a music mix : Purchase some of your favorite music for someone from Itunes and put it on a thumb drive or CD-RW!If you need a different theme or price range, just ASK!Examples: Massage, salon experience, painting lesson.Change jar savings kit : Give a child a change jar of some sort, meaningful 30th birthday gift ideas with some starter change already. .Active lifestyle gift pack : Put together some small gifts like a BPA free water bottle, workout video or video game and some wristbands.

Update: 7/13/2018, a recent report claimed Queens rapper Nicki Minaj gifted new mom Cardi B with over 5,000 worth of adorable baby gifts for newborn, Kulture Kiari Cephus.