When bumper ball fun is over, just deflate the ball with the same electric air pump and pack it away for next time.
After spending one to did kyle busch win a championship two minutes inflating the ball with an electric air pump (not included your friend can climb in, adjust the shoulder straps for comfort, grab onto the handles and take off bouncing, tumbling and rolling across the whole backyard.
Kitesail Freebooter is just amazing in a matchup like this, and more importantly, Hostage Taker is the cherry on top.Out In Pre-board, its all about Angel of Invention.Because beating down your opponents manually becomes an option with Angel of Sanctions added to the mix, a land that can attack or block is surprisingly useful as well.I had to aggregate down to the cards that mattered most, but also alternate the lists I was testing against.If everything goes wrong, Ill cast it and hope they dont have Negate.I dont think that Esper Gift is an inferior deck.
Jsamoza, 5-0 in an mtgo Competitive League.
The cards that get sideboarded out include: Sacred Cat, Minister of Inquiries, Opt, Refurbish, Search for Azcanta, and Cast Out.
God-Pharaohs Gift is one of the most powerful cards in Standard.
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These matchups are all about whether they draw Search for Azcanta.Its essentially similar to Temur where Longtusk Cub goes a long a way on the play.They entertain, set the mood and take some of the workload off of your host.You also want to play a longer game, so you want your cards to get you to the late game, not just turn 4.Plus, if your friends are new homeowners, they'll appreciate cameron mitchell gift cards giant eagle the new gear they can play with.Seekers Squire and, walking Ballista bridge nicely to the late game, but blue-white gets Gift into play more consistently and more quickly.In the Pro Tour finals against Seth Manfield, I made the following changes: Out In On the play I kept the 3rd Angel of Invention and cut the last Sacred Cat.Courtesy of Anthropologie 07 of 09 08 of 09, continue to 9 of 9 below.The matchup was all about their Freebooter and Hostage Taker.As such, we're letting you know that we've updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the new rule set forth by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (gdpr).At mtggoldfish, we value your privacy.We did not expect too many people to play Sultai, but it was still on our radar as it looked bad for us post-sideboard.With that said, it is still a powerful deck and if it isnt respected, itll remain a great choice.

Gift decks do some of the most powerful things in Standard, and U/R is still in the running for best version of these decks.
Going into the Pro Tour I felt favored facing any energy deck (including Sultai mainly because they were unaware of my sideboard plan or even exactly what my main deck does.