Hobby Christmas Gifts for Teens for Under Ten Dollars.
Click through the slideshow below for unique, affordable ideas that all of your friends will love.9.54 @ m, bicycle Pizza Cutter, bring your slice servings to the next gear with this two-wheeled pizza slicer.7.80 @ m, giant 1 Pound Snickers Bar.If you are fortunate enough to have high end stores or outlet malls nearby, you can always stop in a green motion discount code peruse the merchandise.Prank Packs are gag gifts for people with a good sense of humor.Thanks to VCRs and DVD players, teenagers today have grown up on seeing their favorite movie any time they want.If the teenager on your list is going to get his or her license, or has already gotten it, a car gift might just what he or she will want to find under the Christmas tree.I'm a born and bred Southern California native and currently the editor.
Doubles as a people disperser, for times when you feel like being by yourself.
Exact non-violent discount napkin rings revenge on an evil boss, an ex lover, or a bossy sibling.
10.49 @ m Fart Extinguisher If there is anything in this world besides fire which needs an extinguisher.
Written in an easy-to-flip through format, the book covers topics such as resolving roommate conflicts and strategies for balancing studies and social life.
Thanks to endless television programs about the rich and famous and Madison Avenue marketing, teenagers today long for only the best designer wear.
Many magazines can be had for about ten dollars a year.
What are your favorite stocking stuffers?8.95 @.If you have to buy gifts for several nieces and nephews or other teens in your life, the cost can add up quickly.Do you love any of the gifts on our list?Stores in the mall are full of accessory departments with boatloads of earrings, necklaces and bangle bracelets for under ten dollars.4.21 @ m The Butt Station Funny, unusual and functional desk accessory.Enjoy taking selfies without struggling to reach your iPhone's camera button.One Size Fits Most, ages.Magazines make the perfect Christmas gift because they are opened not just on Christmas Day, but every month.Teenagers are bottomless pits, and feeding them costs a small fortune.