gifts for haley stardew valley

Stardew Valley Villagers to increase your friendship points.
At seven to ten hearts, she talks about donating her clothes to charity and saying she's glad the town is small, anne geddes gift card because if it was any bigger it wouldn't be a community.
Ten Hearts The character finds Haley at home where she will show him a dark photo room.
Now I have exactly what I want." Indoor Nights "You look like you've been working hard, dear.Emily cleans the cushions.Telling her that you are sorry for her losing the bracelets will earn you 50 friendship points.You're tasked with resolving the conflict.Once married, Haley will move into the farmhouse.
Coral, rainbow shell, bread, haley List of Dislikes, dont waste your valuable minerals to buy Leah dislikes; in fact, you will end up being embarrassed when she refers to your gift as a stupid gift.
Are you almost ready to shut off the lights?" "I hope it's nice and sunny tomorrow morning.
Gifts on her birthday ( Spring 14 ) will have 8 effect and show a unique dialogue.Haleys schedule will change from time to time depending on whether snowing or raining.If you say her photos look great, you will earn 10 friendship points.Also read: Stardew Valley Abigail Best Stardew Valley Abigail Guide.I guess.Four Hearts Enter Haley 's home when she's there.The more points you have, the better the chances of becoming best friends that would later mature to marriage.Note: "All Mushrooms common Mushroom, Chanterelle, Morel, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom "All Eggs egg, Brown Egg, Large Egg, Large Brown Egg, Duck Egg, Void Egg, villager.She climbs on one, falls off and gets covered in dirt.