More details ».99 This exquisite playing card pack shows 54 different British species More details ».99 These beautiful illustrations of insects and can you get apple student discount online spiders are guaranteed to captivate!
More details ».25 Laminated fold out guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of Britain.
Hang this natural bamboo house against a tree or wall where it will get morning sun and attract mason bees.
Kane years of studying to create.More details ».25 Learn all about insects with this informative kit in a colorful 15cm tall tube.Laminated fold out guide to help identify our British Butterflies. Check out these insect-themed puzzles for little and big kids.Insect Learning Games, i love board games to get the kids learning and practicing cooperation, and there are lots of fun insect-themed ones to inspire your little insect fan. Here are some fun bug building set your insect-lover might like.If someone you love thinks that bats bugs, they will need to learn a life lesson from Calvin.Jumbo Magnifying Glasses, insect Lore Buzzerks Glasses, real Insect Excavation Kit.Give your kids a surprising stocking stuffer that will make them look twice before eating.Butterfly Paperweight, yes, it's a real flutterby.Each one visits as many as 1000 blooms per day 20 times as many as a honeybee!
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There's more insects than humans on this planet, so heck, we appreciate bugs, too.
If you cant handle live (or even dead!) bugs there are still plenty of fun and educational gifts that would make any bug lover happy!
Admire them from under UV protected glass display cases that can be hung on the wall.More details ».95, fold out laminated Field Guide to British Bees including Bumblebees, Solitary bees etc.More details ».25 Mesh carrying insect net bag folds flat into pouch for easy carrying.State Maps With Native Butterflies, this is another creative creation from Bug Under Glass.This jar is like a vacuum cleaner for insects view without having to pick them.Insect Presents for Kids, get the kids ready to bug out!Home Décor, kids arent the only ones that love bugs.Attire and Accessories, getting covered in bugs isnt something most people ask for unless youre giving away clothing and accessories that incorporate insects into the design.More details ».25 Excellent comprehensive Laminated fold out guide Shield Bugs of the British Isles.My boys are both bug fanatics!This post contains affiliate links.Dragonfly Drink Coasters, from the Animal Den, other Blog Posts.More details ».25 Laminated fold out guide to help identify Hawkmoths and their caterpillars.

More details ».99 Slip into these wacky insect-goggles and bug out!
Silver Mayfly Belt Buckle.