gift in chinese language

Over the past few weeks, Ive been asked on numerous occasions by my students about the culture of giving gifts when it comes to Christmas: Who do you give gifts to?
Clocks Bad Luck, in win 8.1 single language Chinese, saying giving a clock ( sòng zhng /song jong, has the same pronunciation as the phrase sòng zhng when the family of a deceased person has completed the burial of their loved one.
General Tips for Gifts-Giving in China: Rules for giving-gifts in Chinese way: Bring gifts to the host when you are invited is quite common in China.
Gifts wrapped in Yellow paper and with black writing are gifts meant for the dead.Do not wrap a gift before arriving in China, as it may be pottery barn registry promo code unwrapped in Customs.Mirrors Attract Ghosts, its believed that mirrors attract ghosts.Pears Parting, giving fruit is a good thing, but NOT pears.Greeting cards are rarely used in China, so gifting without a card is perfectly fine.The cash will probably be given back to your Chinese partner, but the parents will feel a great deal of respect for you and a lot of face.Note for Other Taboos : Do not use red ink pen write greeting card, as red ink is a symbol of diffidation.Chinese symbols for gift, present.The number 6 and 8 are good and lucky numbers for Chinese.
Lets start with some gift taboos and what gifts to be avoided: Gift Taboos.
Necklace, ties or belt, they are for boyfriends or girlfriends, too personal to give to normal friends.
Similarly, if you give someone a gift, you can expect to receive one from them somewhere down the road.
Giving a clock or watch as a gift is the biggest no-no in Chinese culture.
Gold, Silver and Pink colours may also be used for wrapping gifts.
Comb or Foot Bath Massager In traditional Chinese medicine, massage is a gentle and effective way to repair ones body.
How should gifts be wrapped or opened?Share a pear ( fn j cole concert promo code lí) sounds like the word for separate ( fn lí).A plain red paper is one of the few safe choices, many other colors have negative attribution in Chinese culture. .The recipient should not appear greedy when others give gift to him in China.Chinese have pride in the sophistication of their culture, and hence they are quite forgiving for foreigners who commit cultural mistakes, and mainly foreigners who cannot speak Chinese or didnt live for a long time in China.So do not give gifts in sets or multiples of four.Check expire dates if its food or drink.Many local businessmen (not businesswomen) greatly enjoy smoking and drinking.

Books such as enlightening reading materials or one of the worlds great classics, ideally chosen according the childs interests, are also highly recommended.