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The more flexible and unstructured the toy is, the more lasting it tends.
There's one woman I know whose wales win grand slam 2012 parents, when she was little, would never buy her a train set - despite her pleas for one, Christmas after Christmas.
Depending on how much you know and what research you do, you can also include brief notes about each family member under their photo.Mark the container, "Do not open until." Store it in a safe place.Bosak's new bestseller How to Build the Grandma Connection (200 pages;.95 US which has won a Parent's Guide Award as one of fashion design gifts for girls the year's best books.Or, get a large sheet of paper and some pencil crayons or markers.Here are some excerpts from the Gifts and Keepsakes chapters.You might want to use one color for one side of the family and a different color for the other.
If you don't have any family traditions or rituals, start some!
Sometimes these gifts can be simple and small a new box of crayons from Grandma can brighten a childs day immensely!
She wanted to give her 14-year-old granddaughter a copy of Something to Remember Me By with some old photographs and her grandmother's handkerchief (the only keepsake this woman had left from her grandmother) so that her granddaughter would remember them all.
Grandchildren like the hottest new stuff, but they also have a real need for a sense of family history and connection.
Give the Gift of Your Time.
You can give or mail your grandchild get a free 500 visa gift card a little something every once in a while as a surprise.You and your grandchild can make a diagram of your family tree, perhaps including photographs.What are your grandchild's interests and blooming talents?Books are always in style, and won't break (see Books to Share with Your Grandchildren).In general, there are two kinds of gifts: formal gifts for birthdays and holidays; and "little things" you give just to make your grandchild feel special.Tell the Story When you give a keepsake, particularly an item with a family history to it, make sure you share the story behind.Use these ideas to get you started: Play detective.Handmade Gifts, something handmade makes a special gift in the present and can become a treasured keepsake over the years.Assign a special piece of furniture to each of your grandchildren (and children).For example, make a picture out of pennies stuck to a sheet of colored cardboard (you can even spell out your grandchild's name).You can be creative with money.Consider Gifts of Experience, instead of toys or expensive gadgets, think about giving your grandchildren an experience-based gift like tickets to a sporting event, a membership at the zoo or museum, or a subscription to a favorite magazine.Be persistent in your communication, without anger or criticism.I just felt special when she would give me "a little something" that was all my own.

Doing a simple family tree together can be an extended project with older grandchildren.