The photo shows the view down one of the staggered rows before it's covered. .
(the 78 degree part that is!).
Have a blessed day and we hope it makes wondrous ink discount you smile too!It's always amazing how fast garlic starts to grow after planting.We are really looking forward to eating fresh scapes and making some fresh garlic scape pesto again. .The garlic is looking good so far. .March 14, 2010, The snow drifts in the garlic field were over waist high this winter. .Roasted Garlic Champagne Mustard - Looking for the perfect mix of dijon and stoneground mustard with a punchy garlic flavor?We plan to start taking orders after harvest either around mid July or when we call it quits and come in out of the heat. .May 5, 2010, Our spring weather here in Wisconsin has been a month ahead of schedule and the garlic is loving it! .July 20, 2011 - Here is a really wonderful sight! .Despite the absolute freezing cold lack of spring that we had this year the garlic is looking really nice. .Now comes the easiest part of growing garlic - do nothing with it and wait for spring.
Update - he loves his calendar and was surprised!
This is a young garlic plant's view of a sunset in mid-May. .
"Fun-with-Garlic" idea #257: Find a clove that's sprouting roots and use it to make a shadow puppet that looks like a cartoon whale. .This little guy is going to have a big surprise when winter arrives! .Here's a photo of the 2007 garlic field just as harvest began on the morning of July 6, 2007. .Garlic yosemite view lodge promo code 2018 Balsamic Vinegar - This amazing Modena, Italy grown balsamic is capped off with a tangy garlic extract that adds the perfect finish!Afterall, it's never too early to start earning money to pay for medical school!We will be ready for 2011 orders very, very, soon. .Cut them just above the top leaf of the plant. .Old West Mix Garlic Mesquite - The weather is getting warmer and this spice is perfect for all your grilling and dip needs.Our Garlic page, we'll be updating it soon with the new varieties we've added.You all did a fantastic job and we really appreciate all of your hard work! .Now it's time to kick back and relax and play with the kids. .Looks like someone missed this garlic scape and it formed a bulbil.We really did not have a winter so the garlic was growing way ahead of schedule and it's been very hot and dry here with mid April being the last "real" rain here at the farm. .This terra cotta baker is oven and microwave safe and can go directly mcfta promo code on the table.

Can you imagine these in your martinis?
(it's just too fun to try new ones and see how they perform and then to compare the flavors!) People are always asking about how we space our garlic. .
So, we've decided to create this site to tell you about all the fantastic garlic that we grow here on our little farm just north of Madison,. .