After experiencing the ozarka coupon code zaniness of their birthday party, the new 40-year-old will probably come to the realization that the next decade will surely be a whole lot less disorienting than the celebration they just lived through!
Just make sure to include a card that mentions which hill, exactly, the present is meant to help them climb.AurabyJulienandEmily, in grade school, I once lost a pair of glasses by looking over the edge of a dock only to have them sink to the bottom of the ocean.You can share your finds with us on our Facebook page, on Instagram @Elfstergram, or on Twitter @Elfster.Another time, I somehow left my specs in a cemetery.Well, he finally conceded; he was proud of that big mountain he had climbed, thank you very much.Enter your email and we'll send you a password reset link.
Once the birthday boys sense of direction is good and confused, take him back to the house you picked him up from.
So why not make light of it?
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A custom hiking stick will definitely help them get over the hill Image courtesy Etsy seller.
Help your friend or loved one set up an online wish list on a site like, elfster so that you and the other party guests have an idea of what to get them for their birthday.Come on, get happy happy birthday, that is Image courtesy Pixabay user rawpixel, it was my dads 40th birthday and, even though the rest of the night had been great, the missing cake put a damper on the evening.We couldnt find the cake.She had a rewarding career, a family, and had finally figured out how to deal with the minutiae of everyday life that had caused her so much stress in her younger years.It wasnt until later that night that we discovered what had happenedwhen I woke up to my dog Judy sitting next to my bed, breathing hot banana cake dog breath right into my face!Nominate a party leader you can text when youre arriving so they can make sure everyone gathered gets quiet.It turns out all her worry was for naught and life dealt her a lot of great surprises in those years.A nice pair of hiking boots, wool socks, or a season pass to a local National Park will do nicely.Now thats a great birthday gag, he cracked, in typical dad-joke fashion.Personalize Funny Birthday Drinking Glass.95.99 3-DeterioratingNicely_lds Greeting Cards.95.99, personalized Black 40th Birthday Gag Gift Mugs.95.99 Old Golf Balls.95.99 Celebrating 40th Birthday.25" Button.95.99 Birthday Humor (Brag) Mug.95.99 Old Goat Funny Goat Face Baseball.None of us are getting any younger!When they open the case only to realize that the prize inside is nothing other than a pair of drugstore specs, theyll laugh out loudespecially if you pair them with a Happy birthday, Gramps!

Somehow, while we were at dinner, the entire three-layer banana cake had completely disappeared.