No bar code on cover.
Marca Registrada The Final Cut LP Pink Floyd Records 2017 issue Title: The Final Cut (Pink Floyd Records 2017 issue) Record Company: Pink Floyd Records Catalog Number: pfrlp12 / Bar Code: Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2) 1) A V 17251.
Later issued in a heavy clear-plastic cover that had a flap that wrapped over the best buy faculty discount top of the album and was factory sealed by an oval strip of blue on the back that said "mastersound." Cover Sticker: Issued with a large round sticker on the.
You can use your silver account to start using them.1978 mfsl." Later copies were issued with two cover stickers.Back Cover: Black with an inverted prism, and original master recording in a yellow strip across the top.Text around bottom edge of label says: Mfd.Insert: A postcard that has a picture of a diving man on the front.(both written) MBC Release Date: December 15, 1978 Release Information: Released in a cover with a hole cut out to show the picture disc.
Harvest logo and catalog number in lower right corner.
In the upper right corner, over the bar code, is stamped in gold the number "4315." Underneath the number in a gold rectanglar is stamped "FOR promotion only - Ownership Reserved By CBS - Sale Is Unlawful." Also found with promo number 4309.
1980 / 1981 Release Information: Third issue with a bar code on the back cover.
Back Cover: Identical with the front cover.
At the top it says in brown text: original master recording TM mobile fidelity sound LAB a division of mfsl.
Cover Sticker: Black rectangular title sticker.
Text around top edge of label starts at 10 o'clock and says: Mfd.Band member's names not listed.3b) Brown graphics sticker: A brown/dark blue/yellow/green self-adhesive graphics sticker.Cover Sticker: On the front of the plastic cover, in the lower right corner is a white sticker that says "Pink Floyd The Wall 36183." Insert: Four-page booklet-style insert with complete lyrics.Issued covered in clear shrink wrap with a round Wish You Were Here sticker in the upper left corner.You will save 10 off on all your EA purchases.BG (all four written) Pressing Plant: RTI Release Date: June 3, 2016 Release Information: 2016.S.Issued with an insert of an alternate prism on top of the cover but under the shrink wrap.