facebook gift card redemption

Card : Go to the redemption page and click, redeem Code.
As we don't know the Game promo code drs foster and smith Card 's value upfront, the Open Graph object instance created needs to represent a single unit of birdman gift to lil wayne in-game currency.
If an app supports more than one currency the player will be evans cycles newsletter discount code able to select which one he would like to use in the currency selection dialog during the checkout flow.
Card, let us know.The, facebook, dialog that contains the text box for entering the Game, card, pIN.This can be done, for example, by presenting players with a landing page or banner, which provides extra context on the new payment option.Facebook, game, card straight into a games in-app currency.To redeem your, facebook, game, card : Go to the redemption page and click, redeem Code.The game Top Eleven Be A Football Manager is a great example for how Game Cards can be part of the shop window: Example: Top Eleven Be A Football Manager When you're starting to offer Game Card redemption within your game it's a good idea.Facebook Note that you can add multiple currencies per app by issuing a post request as described above for each currency product URL that you would like to support.Card via the, facebook, game, card website, developers can also opt to offer their own in-app redemption flow.First, the player clicks a "Redeem Game, card " button, provided by the developer, which is usually placed on the games' shop window.Keep in mind you won't be able to use the card again once you redeem.
To register a product for in-app redemption, you'll need to issue a post to the Graph API endpoint /APP_ID/payment_currencies with the currency_url and access_token ( app access token ).
The only major difference between this and the standard Pay Dialog is the additional parameter of action: redeem.
Facebook, game, card, let us know.How do I redeem my, facebook, game.By, cora Parry 22 Votes 20 Followers.Through this direct in-app redemption, developers can use Game Cards as a new payment option, taking advantage of incremental gifting opportunities and cash-based purchases.Free energy, lives or desirable in-game items to offering exclusive items to Game Card payers only.Your app needs to be live to see the list of available in-app currency options.Overview, facebook, game Cards are a popular way of purchasing items within games.Based on the Game Card stored value we'll alter the quantity based on your in-game currency definition.For example, with a US10 Game Card redeemed in the below example, the player will be granted 50 units of the.20 currency.Each Pin can be used multiple times but it takes up to ten minutes until the same Pin can be used again.Manage your in-game currency Registering your currency As a game can define multiple different in-app currencies, you need to specify which ones are meant to be enabled for in-app redemption of Game Cards explicitly.

This guide describes how to implement your own customized in-app Game, card redemption flow in just a few simple steps and outlines the user experience including recommended best practices.
Continue, the entire value of the card will be added to your account balance, which you can then use to purchase items for games.
Then the player selects the in-app currency.