NRS 704.085 Electric utility prohibited from making change in schedule or imposing rate which requires residential customer to purchase electric service based on time of usage; exceptions.
NRS 704.7366 Energy efficiency and conservation program defined.NRS 704.323 Issuance of security or assumption of obligation by privately owned public utility subject to authorization by Commission; exceptions.Persons not otherwise engaged in the business of furnishing, producing or selling water or services for the disposal of sewage, or both, but who sell or furnish water or services for the disposal of sewage, or both, as an accommodation in an area where water.The Commission shall by regulation require each public utility which furnishes electricity to provide lower rates for electricity for irrigation pumps under a schedule which: (a) Will be applied: (1) From March 1 to October 31, inclusive; and (2) If the customer concedes to the utility a right.As used in NRS 704.733 to 704.7341, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in NRS 704.7331 to 704.7337, inclusive, have the meanings ascribed to them in those sections.
3159; NCL 6115 NRS 704.060 Charge for shorter haul included within longer haul. .
The Division of Environmental Protection of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources shall review each application filed and may captain john whale watch discount participate in any proceeding held pursuant to NRS 704.880.
The Commission shall adopt and utilize all accident and crash report forms, which must be so designed as to provide a concise and accurate report of the accident or crash.
NRS 704.6646 Facility for treatment of water acquired and constructed by county: Operation and maintenance of facility by public utility authorized; Commissions approval of agreement for operation and maintenance required.
In lieu of adopting a plan pursuant to subsection 1, a public utility which is subject to the provisions of NRS 704.095 may elect to comply with a plan of water conservation adopted by the Commission for this purpose.NRS 704.110 Procedure for changing schedule: Investigation by Commission; parties; time within which Commission must act; general rate application; other applications and rate adjustments; deferred energy accounting adjustments; recovery of costs to plan, construct, retire or eliminate certain facilities.NRS 704.754 Reports regarding transmission plan.(Added to NRS by 2013, 3208 ; A 2014, 28th Special Session, 7, 10 ) NRS 704.7877 Participation in Program: Additional requirements; contract terms and content.The failure of the Commission to so notify a railroad does not invalidate the assessment.NRS 704.68885 Requirements regarding discontinuation of service.Nothing in the provisions of NRS 704.820 to 704.900, inclusive, may be construed as limiting the jurisdiction of the Commission over public utilities which serve retail customers in this state.The Commission may adopt regulations to establish a temporary renewable energy development program that is designed to assist with the completion of new renewable energy projects.(b) Electric utility that primarily serves less densely populated counties has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 704.110.(e) The Commission shall not allow the electric utility to recover any recorded costs of purchased fuel and purchased power which were the result of any practice or transaction that was unreasonable or was undertaken, managed or performed imprudently by the electric utility, and the Commission.The Commission may adopt regulations that require providers to submit to the Commission additional reports during each calendar year.In addition to all the other remedies provided by this chapter for the prevention and punishment of any and all violations of the provisions thereof and of all orders of the Commission, the Commission may compel compliance with the provisions of this chapter and with.(Added to NRS by 1997, 1274 ) NRS 704.309 Railroads: Commission to levy and collect annual assessments; fee for delinquent assessment; sale or transfer of certificate of public convenience and necessity; action for collection of assessment or fee.NRS 704.7882 Preparation of written report by Commission; submission of report to Legislature.

The Commission may accept or reject such a rate method or mechanism.
1:103:1921; NCL 6147 2:103:1921; NCL 6148 3:103:1921; NCL 6149 stocks AND security transactions NRS 704.322 Security defined. .