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There is no need for an All-Zone pass unless you plan on heading out to the more suburban areas of London.
Oyster / Contactless payment cards price caps v Travelcard prices Travelcards are a flat rate pass where you have unlimited rides for the time period purchased.
The pricing is particularly attractive if you have kids in the group and those staying in one of the outer zones, however if you are staying in the centre of London zones 1 to 3 it dds discount store job application will be cheaper to purchase individual Oyster amazon fire student discount cards.The Oyster card is a permanent reusable electronic ticket of credit card size (see image above) which is topped up from time to time by its owner with cash that is used to pay the fares.Anybody with an English National Concessionary bus pass can use that on London's red buses too and travel free of charge.Otherwise you will want to reclaim your Oyster deposit and any cash balance left on your Oyster or Visitors Oyster.An active email address, create web account, lost, stolen or damaged Oyster photocard?7 day Travelcards can be loaded onto your Oyster card and be used in combination with Oyster on a Pay As You Go basis for a single journey.A Tube station, it is not good for discounts.All three options, Oyster card, Contactless payment card and Travelcards cover the same London public transport, with the exception of Gatwick Airport (see below - The, london Underground network.Contactless payment cards are your normal personal credit/debit cards, so as long as your cards support the Contactless payment technology then you don't have to do anything.Children from 11 to 17 can travel for a reduced fare in London, with a photo Oyster card.A child is defined as under 16 years old, but in the last couple of years it has been possible to get child fares after jumping through a few hoops up to the age.
On a bus, touch the card on the reader (the yellow disc) in order to debit your card with the amount of the fare. .
At the end of your stay, if you have any PrePay funds left over on your Oyster Card, you can cash it in and get a refund!
You southwest airlines rapid rewards blackout dates cannot use Travelcards to/from Gatwick Airport and it may be cheaper to travel using rail tickets between Gatwick and London than using Oyster.
A 7-day Travelcard covering Zones 1-6 will cost an adult.60 - only worth it if you will be using the transport system across a variety of Zones, hopping on and off a lot of trains.
Stansted, Southend and Luton airports are outside London and beyond the scope of London public transport or TfL, so the airport buses and trains from these airports are not covered.In addition to the money loaded on to the Oyster card, you have to pay a refundable deposit.00 when you buy your Oystercard.For short term visitors of less than 2 weeks, there is a facility called the Young Persons Discount that enables child fares for a short period without photo ID - see bottom of page.Like all new technologies, compatibility and speed of introduction varies across the world.Discount entitlements can't be added to a Contactless payment card.Students 18 If you are 18 or over and enrolled with a participating education establishment registered on the TfL scheme and are resident in London while studying there is an Oyster ID card that gives a 30 discount on adult-rate Travelcards and Bus Tram Pass.Piccadilly line to Heathrow is a London Underground service, so Pay as You Go Oyster is valid.For example, paying cash for a single Underground journey in the centre of London is more than double the price of the same fare with an Oyster card.P re-pay (pay as you go) is cheaper than cash fares.The, london red local bus network.With Oyster, a flat fee per bus journey is charged wherever and whenever you ride.Photo ID No photo ID is required when you buy an Oyster card, except where children are concerned.

If you forget to get the refund whilst in London you can post the Oyster card back to TfL customer services requesting the refund.
For each calendar day there is a fare cap (the maximum you can pay in a single day on public transport) and this is always less than the alternative 1 day Travelcard.
Find out more, applying online, you must make your application online, and you'll need: A colour, digital photo to upload.