did sheila harsdorf win

This campaign was about investing in people and revitalizing our area, whether that is making sure that every Wisconsinite has access to affordable health care, funding our public schools, technical colleges and UW campuses, or investing in good-paying jobs valentine's day gift ideas for office right here in Western Wisconsin, Schachtner.
How They Hit You Is Through Your Family How Troll Farms Silence Democracy In Azerbaijan, government-sponsored harassment drives dissidents off the internet.
2018 midterms Yesterday at 9:30.m.
How to Not Trap Your Partner in a Smart-Home Techno-Prison Hell Smart homes are great.The national interest 11:04.m.The Wall Street Journal.Unless your partner hates them.Schachtner is the first Democrat to hold the 10th Senate seat since 2000.Smith and Michael Flynn offer new clues about Trumps collusion with Russia.Despite winning raises in Arizona, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, teachers are still being squeezed and theyre willing to fight for more.Best of all, they could help us get rid of cars.Or Bust: Migrants Explain Why Theyre Marching There is no work back home.They are simple, cheap, and slightly goofy.Pelosi Hints at Retirement, But Not Until Trumps Gone The long-standing Democratic leader is addressing opposition to her among House candidates by calling herself transitional.
Schachtner, the chief medical examiner for.
The years first contests, a handful of statehouse special elections held on Tuesday, seemed to confirm that they made the right call.
This story was updated with more details about Schachtners margin of victory).
Conservative groups have so far spent at least.1 million against Baldwin, which is more than what all the other Democratic Senate incumbents on the ballot this year have faced combined (under 550,000 according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
David Gelertner makes the case.
Why New York City Should Welcome Electric Scooters on Its Streets How can anyone detest these things?"That's a huge responsibility and I don't take it lightly and I am super excited to serve philadelphia food baskets gifts the people of western Wisconsin.".It comes at a time when many were watching the district as a possible early indicator of a Democratic wave year.Shortly after the numbers came out, Jarchow took to social media to concede the race.The rural districts voting history did not suggest an easy win for Democrats.Trump carried the 10th District by 17 percentage points in 2016.Over 30 years that would amount to 20 percent more money in your pocket.11 Tight Governors Races Will Shape Americas Political Landscape Democrats will probably make overall gains, but there are an amazing eleven gubernatorial elections that are tossups.Jarchow will continue serving in the state Assembly, where Republicans hold a much larger majority.In 2016, Harsdorf won re-election by 26 percentage points, and Trump beat Democratic rival.