did djokovic win his tennis match today

This time it was his forehand down the line, which he hits with both feet pointing straight up the court in defiance of the coaching textbook.
Greg Rusedski 'One of the great performances alexander Zverev produced one of the "great performances" after upsetting world No 1 Novak Djokovic at the ATP Finals in London, says Greg Rusedski.
We look back apple senior discount at the major talking points from the ATP Finals after Alexander Zverev defeated Novak Djokovic in Sundays final to win the biggest title of his career.
As the tennis broadcaster Mary Carillo put it this week, there are comebacks, and then there are come-all-the-way-backs.He even had to fend off five set points, and when a miscued forehand nearly flew long on the first of these, the crowd shrieked in excitement.Then came two personal traditions: the chewing of a piece of Centre Courts hallowed turf, followed by his trademark Wonderbra celebration, in which he cups his hands underneath his pectorals and then thrusts them towards the crowd.Twelve months of absolute rule took so much out of Djokovic that he has been recovering ever since, both mentally and physically.If Anderson played from the baseline, his groundstrokes broke down first.Time after time, dominos sorell vouchers he threaded the ball over the high part of the net for a winner.
"He's under five years old, and you're not allowed if under five to be present.
Oddly, it turns out to be the grass once his weakest surface that has brought him back to himself.
You could tell that from the first game, as he leapt into a lassoo forehand from the school of Nadal with total freedom christmas gift ideas personality test and fluidity.A blowout defeat seemed so predictable that every small Anderson victory was greeted as if he had just performed a backflip.But it was that Djokovic backhand that claimed the final point of the evening, as he drew a forced error from Nadal with a ball speared up the line.There is room for debate here among the tennis authorities, With each passing slam, it feels as if the attrition factor of best-of-five-set tennis is leaving more players handicapped for what should be the showpiece matches.Only 40 days ago, in Paris, Djokovic stumbled off court after his quarter-final exit at the hands of the unheralded Marco Cecchinato in a towering rage.To avoid being pushed back by Nadal, you have to be able to take his viciously loaded forehand on the rise, even when he fires it deep into your backhand wing, and Djokovic is the master here.

Novak Djokovic says he sees similarities in Alexander Zverev's progression with his own career and believes the German is capable of exceeding his achievements.
Instead he squatted down on his haunches for a moment, apparently lost in reflection, before strolling to the net for the handshake.
Djokovic has played only three finals on the world tour in the last 14 months.