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Politico reported this month that jack astor's discount coupons Cruz is actively courting.C.
The first three days of O'Rourke's journey took him 765 zig-zagging miles from a friendly, Latin-flavored send-off in downtown El Paso to sparsely-attended stops in gun-friendly Republican strongholds like Muleshoe, in Bailey County, where he would get quizzed by skeptical locals about the Second Amendment.
The biggest cheers come when he vows to end the nexus between politics and big business, to drain the swamp if you will.Cruz campaigned around the state for most of a year as an underdog, speaking to every Republican or Tea Party group that would listen to him.Cash flow: O'Rourke.Hes being challenged by a magnetic candidate embraced by both Texas and national Democrats and, its fair to say, an adoring press.Cruz needs to sustain historical levels of GOP turnout in order to absorb a potential uptick in Democratic turnout.About 25 people show up, including Yolanda Chavez, a 59-year-old nurse who remembers segregated schools.The candidate walks in for breakfast.
For today at least, the offer is rhetorical.
ORourke faced similar skepticism when he first suggested a run for the seat nearly two years ago.
The Democrats are favoured to win control of the House of Representatives but are in a much tougher battle for the Senate, where they need a net gain of two seats but are defending 10 seats in states which Mr Trump won in 2016.Sarah Palin days before the primary runoff.Mr Trump's dominance of his party is such that a Republican candidate cannot be rude about him and expect grassroots support.There's a Cruz patch on her sleeve.But Cruz argued on the campaign trail that many of those wins happened in spite of Dewhurst's leadership or even over Dewhursts objections.It appears that he is following a twin-track strategy, enthusing his left wing base by calling for reform of criminal justice and immigration laws while also trying to attract disillusioned Trump supporters by promising improved education and universal healthcare - and appealing to both groups.A television in the hotel lobby where O'Rourke is staying is tuned to Fox, which is recounting the high murder rate in Mexico.For Cruz, a star in national conservative politics, losing to O'Rourke would be a particularly bitter pill."We're not going to be against any party.Cruzs critics attacked him for red-baiting, but the message was no doubt received loud and clear by Republicans watching the debate or reading the media coverage the following day.In a state where Democrats still struggle to mobilize the 40 percent of the population that's Hispanic, it comes as little surprise that O'Rourke campaigns hexlox discount code simply as Beto."We zip fitness promo code can be despondent, we can be depressed, we can despair, or we can get after it and start traveling the counties of Texas." Come November, Texas will find out whether much changes after that kind of road trip.