Compare it to barclaycard rewards credit limit increase the budget for the city of Zephyrhills: This year's figure is just more than 49 million.
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Whoever has the ticket hadn't come forward as of Sunday morning.
Zephyrhills is a small city in Pasco County, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Tampa.
The longshot odds didn't deter people across Powerball-playing states - 43 plus Washington,.C., white claw mail in rebate and the.S.I look forward to welcoming you to the team today!"I don't even know where to begin.Lewis, who went to the Publix on Sunday to buy water, said she didn't play - and she isn't upset about.According to The Miami Herald, a group of 12 went in on the Powerball tickets, pitching 20 apiece.Virgin Islands - from lining up at gas stations and convenience stores Saturday.