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and some live entertainment additions.
Check out the video below which includes all new video footage of the coaster itself as well.
(12/26/17) Surprise news from Palace Playland as their Facebook page is now teasing that a second coaster is being added to the park in 2018 in addition to the new Sea Viper.
See the pictures sent in by a reader for a few shots of the old coaster being torn down the week before and a few more picture taken this week after the ride has been entirely removed.According to the photos and a video shown on the website this appears to be a Dragon Wagon style coaster from Wisdom.(10/30/17) While Palace Playland's old Galaxy coaster was initially put up for sale, it looks like they never found a buyer in time and instead have opted to scrap the old coaster instead.However, the video shown is actually the existing Dragon Wagon at sister park, Indiana Beach.Lets hope they include this in the final plans too.
The park has to address four items before it can reopen Rollo Coaster, which has been closed since the accident took place last August.
To celebrate, swell reptiles voucher code 2017 Coaster101 has posted what they are calling the most in-depth review of this family coaster that you'll ever need to read.
Proposed New Park - Under Construction - (4/4/17) After not hearing much about this project for the past couple years, BlooLoop reports that at long last Advetnure Pointe has been granted the needed permits to finally start construction on the new theme park.
Weve seen a number of small parks in the southern states head in this director over the years like Magic Springs, and Alabama Adventure even went the whole way at one point and closed their rides park entirely before getting new owners who are now.
We decided to quit.
Keansburg amusement park (Keansburg, NJ) 2018 - Nothing is known gifted hands ross park mall at this point in time, nothing new was known to be added between.The good news is that brand new replacement track is on the way from S S Sansei and will be installed at no cost to the park.(9/25/18) Screamscape sources tell us that Evermore in Utah "soft opened" this week, ahead of a full scheduled opening schedule said to begin on Sept.(7/3/17) According to a unconfirmed message sent my way, Idlewild is said to have received the new PTC trains for Rollo Coaster.Calaway park (Alberta, Canada) 2018 - Nothing is known at this point in time.Being a very OLD and mild coaster however, one interesting factoid about the Rollo Coaster is that it features no restraints what-so-ever.My hunch is that they are still going to keep the rides side of the park, because they have not put their biggest and most valuable ride up for sale yet, which would be the Ragin Cajun (Vekoma Boomerang) coaster.Back in December we first heard the early rumors of a possible 25-acre mini-park planned to be near the Tanger Outlet Mall near Texas City that would have a tie to the old Playland Park.Today a little more information has come out as the city has confirmed an area physicians interest in building the park on 25 acres near the Tanger outlet mall, but no plans have been submitted. .My first memory of the lumber industry was my Grandfathers retail lumberyard in Reno NV (Buffaloe Building Supply- 1970) because I got to play in sand piles and ride forklifts with the yard guys.

Janylyn and her partner (Larry Hollister) did an amazing job of creating it under fire.