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Margin The extreme outer portion of any stone piece, which is given a contrasting finish for effect.
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Normally used to designate the bottom of the main part of the monument.
Opt for the printer experts.Wings Stones extending outward from the main body of a monument.The Goths are said to have originated the pointed arch.Coping Any low stone arrangement outlining the limits of a burial lot; also called curbing.Youll love the print or well refund the money Technical Specifications Canvas Prints 100 Pine Wood HandMade Frames from eco-sensitive forests.Flat carving Any line carving on the surface of stone; also called skin carving.Chamfer A beveled or tapered edge made by cutting away of square edge on a monument.Memorial Technically, a structure that reminds us of a specific event or person.Capital, from the Latin, meaning head; the top part of any pilaster or column.Single Panel Canvas Printing, if you want a single panel canvas print of high quality, then let gifts for male runners uk us know the details of the printed image you want, and we will provide you with a hand stretched canvas print of high picture quality.Panel A flat section of any monument that is set apart by raising, recessing or framing that is usually used to contain a name or inscription.
From the Latin meaning funeral oration, an epitaph should state something about the deceased.
It could be accomplished within a panel or just raised from the balance of the memorial.
Stun Any imperfection on the stone surface caused by a blow, which creates a below-the-surface fracture.
Doric The most simple and the oldest of all column designs.
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A variety of shades and colors are available.As our company continues to grow, our aim remains unwavered, that is, to give you quality customization at competitive prices.Chipped Means exactly what it says small chips mar the edge of a stone.Marker A headstone, usually small, used to identify individuals.The letters are frosted and outlined with a recessed line around the letter.This product is not an adhesive.Blued, a term that describes the deepened color given to a monument by an abrasive used in sandblasting.These orders have long been called the Tuscan Order, Doric Order, Ionic Order, Corinthian Order and the Composite Order.Also called a lawn-level marker an outdated term is flush marker.Ledger A memorial stone laid prone and covering all or most of the grave.Grout The discarded materials created while quarrying rock.Here you will find little pieces of ceramic joy that will fill your heart home with l of our pottery is handmade.Such a fabulous selection of buttons, most of which I intend to use on garments but of course they would also work well as jewelry materials.Check out the ready TO ship section for ready made items that can ship within a few business days: please note I am bustling with orders so my production times can be anywhere from 3-10 weeks for made TO order items.

Screen carving A very old practice of using a screen to sandblast deep, symmetrical pits into a surface; also called lace carving.
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Tuscan The most simple of the five orders.